Perfect for winter: Bucas Quilt 300g Stay Dry stable rug

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On the hunt for a new stable rug? Well, we’ve just found the only heavyweight stable rug you’ll need this winter!

With winter well and truly on our doorstep, we’ve all either clipped or are about to clip our horses, relieving them of their furry coats. As the nights begin to become chillier, new clips will need to be accompanied by a cosy stale rug. One that’s comfortable, yet durable. Sleek and stylish, but with latest technology and features. It can only be the Bucas Quilt 300g Stay Dry stable rug.

The Bucas Quilt 300g Stay-Dry is a super versatile stable rug! Not only can it be used on its own as an ultra-cosy layer, it can be layered underneath Bucas Atlantic turnout rug to provide extra insulation. Multi-tasking at it’s finest, this rug will not only save precious pennies in the bank, which should of been spent on even more rugs, it’s a time-saving wonder on those mornings when you can’t quiet wake up. No need for the faff of swapping and changing rugs, just slide a turnout on top for the times when you need to be a bit more brisk!

Speaking of multi-tasking, the rug will function come rain or shine. Caught out in freezing down pour or blizzard? Chuck on the Bucas Quilt for quick drying action and extra warmth. The Stay Dry fabric wicks away moisture from the surface of your horse’s coat, whilst the Dermo-Care lining also aids in wicking away any extra moisture, drying your horse quickly and effectively. Again, there is no need to stress over rug changes, as this rug does it all.  Drying, whilst keeping them cosy and comfortable, you won’t have to travel back and forth to ensure your horse is warm and dry over the course of the day!

Ultimate comfort also comes as standard with Bucas’ world-famous equine tailoring. Signature shoulder darts ensure the rug stays snug and secure across the chest and shoulder area. Preventing rubs and sores, the fitted design is perfect to keep coats in prime condition and horse’s calm and comfortable. The Bucas Quilt also features a silk-feel lining, for an unrivalled, sleek shine and a luxurious experience for your horse.

Features, such as the snap-lock chest closure, roll security and comfort into one, excelling that of standard chest closures. Meanwhile, the traditional, yet essential fillet string helps to avoid rugs flipping up and exposing to cool winter drafts.

Priced at around £118, this rug is bound to get it’s monies worth in use!

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