The Mollichaff Complete Range

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The Mollichaff Complete Range


The Mollichaff Complete range has been developed alongside our range of chaffs, and provides three high fibre ‘complete’ feed options for horses and ponies.

Horses feeding needs are complex, and whatever their lifestyle and level of work, they require a careful balance of nutrients to remain fit and healthy throughout their lives, from protein and fibre to vitamins and minerals.

Our Complete feeds are high in fibre and offer a more natural and healthy way of feeding. These feeds encourage chewing and therefore are eaten more slowly, over a longer period of time than traditional bucket feeds.

The clue is also in the name! These complete feeds, when fed at the recommended levels, contain all the vitamins and minerals required for your horse’s diet, so can be used as their sole concentrate feed. This, therefore, alleviates the need for several different bags of feed and supplements, which can be advantageous for both horse and rider, for a number of reasons:

  • A cost saving on your feed bills – less separate feeds and no need for a balancer
  • Complete feeds promote a more natural diet for your horse than feeding balancers
  • Fibre-based horse feeds have digestive, psychological and physiological benefits for horses.
  • Save time on daily feed mixing
  • A more efficient use of space and less wastage
  • Easier when taking feed to stay away and compete over a number of days

The three high fibre feeds in our ‘Mollichaff Complete Range’ are NOPS tested and specifically formulated to cater to three different types of horse:

  • Mollichaff HoofKind Complete

Designed for good doers and laminitis-prone horses and ponies with restricted calories and low levels of high-quality protein. It’s highly palatable combination of elements is low in starch and sugar and contains no cereals, whilst providing a balanced blend of oat straw, alfalfa, fibre pellets, soya oil, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, and biotin.

  • Mollichaff Calmer Complete

A complete feed designed to decrease anxiety and exert a calming influence over excitable or nervous horses and ponies. It is low in sugar and starch and contains a combination of camomile, lemon balm and mint, known for their calming and soothing qualities. Mollichaff Calmer Complete also provides a balanced level of vitamins and minerals which are essential and has the added advantage of helping to keep them calm, if this is the case.

  • Mollichaff Condition Complete 

Containing a balanced combination of high oil, low starch, and high fibre quality ingredients, this complete feed is suitable for encouraging weight gain in underweight horses or maintaining optimal weight and condition for competition horses and ponies.

In summary, our comprehensive, high fibre Complete feeds cater to the needs of a wide range of horses and ponies, promoting significant health benefits, while also offering a more cost and time-efficient solution for horse owners.


For more information on feeding your horse or pony, please call the Mollichaff helpline on 01803 527274 or visit

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