How To Successfully Promote Yourself with Reddit

promote yourself on reddit

How To Successfully Promote Yourself with Reddit

The promotion of your personal thoughts is one of the most demanded features on Reddit. This is the reason why topics, where people can ask someone questions, are that popular here. Nonetheless, when you want to get a beneficial promotion of yourself, which would lead you to the creation of a personal brand, you will definitely have to buy Reddit upvotes, which would give you a great start.

However, a huge number of misunderstandings and lack of knowledge of how to make a personal advertising campaign successful might create both minor and major issues for you. So here are some simple tips, which can help you create good grounding for your self-promotion. 

Getting The Campaign Started

The creation of a proper image has two major ways of being implemented. On one hand, you are able to use your main account to make it your base for the production of thoughts. On the other hand, you are able to use 3rd party accounts, which would represent your position, referring to you. 

Using The Main Account

Using your main account might always be a risk. One simple mistake, and you will have no way back. This way, your task is to have everything under your control. 

  1. Manage your account. Your task is to create it in advance, adding all the information you need in order to create a proper image. Don’t be afraid to spend some time analyzing Reddit for making everything properly. 
  2. Attend controversial topics. Your main task is to show how strong your position is. Every topic might be controversial, and you don’t have to worry about someone who doesn’t agree with you. Your task is to show the people who share your opinion that you are worth being an influencer. 
  3. Don’t advertise yourself directly. The common mistake many people make is breaking the border. Your main task is to express your opinion natively, without a constant reminder of yourself. Just post a comment, and don’t try to add “I explained this topic on my YouTube channel, come watch it”. Just make everything natively. 
  4. Buy upvotes to show your support. To add value to your thoughts, don’t be afraid to buy some upvotes to your comments. Having a discussion, you will have to promote all your messages, showing the support of the community, so many people would be more likely to follow you. 

These kick-start tips are a great option to use on your main account, using it as a platform for your opinion and to drive more loyal supporters for your expressions. 

How To Use 3rd Party Accounts?

Using 3rd party accounts is harder. This way, the advertisement is much easier to be recognized. For this reason, you have to create a discussion, where you will have to refer to your thoughts and buy upvotes to each message. 

Though this method might be cheaper sometimes, you will have to be really careful with messages. This method would be useful as a supporter for your main account, which would give you more space for attending other topics. 

How Hard Is It To Promote Yourself With Reddit?

The complexity of self-promotion via Reddit is much higher than with regular business. This way, you are the one who is in charge of all the posts, so you have to be really cautious. 

Nonetheless, this platform is comfortable for such an advertising campaign, and with keeping all the tips in mind while completing it, you will have an opportunity to have the best promotion possible, without time-consuming actions, which require much effort.


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