The Importance of Supporting Gut Health in Horses

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The Importance of Supporting Gut Health in Horses

The average equine diet contains limited nutrients and vitamins necessary for optimal physical strength and development. To prevent health complications caused by digestion it’s vital to understand the dietary requirements of horses. Yet, the complex nature of an equine diet is multi-faceted and quite often overlooked. Health supplements provide a practical solution to digestive conditions in horses and help promote a horse’s performance and holistic well-being. Dietary substitutes can, therefore, be used as an appropriate means to provide an adequate and long-term solution to equine health.

Consequences of inadequate horse gut health

Digestion problems occur in horses if the natural bacterial flora is unbalanced. The equine gut tract is often hindered when there is a lack of enzymes present in stomach bacteria. Probiotic supplements are a dietary alternative and act as a healthy food source for the equine hindgut. Horse gut supplements promote a functional environment for friendly microorganisms to grow and facilitate positive horse gut health.

It’s common for horses to produce excess acidity levels in the gut. As a result, the mucosa in the digestive system is left unprotected over time unless treated. Loss of microflora due to poor diet is also a common result that stems from a lack of food nutrients. Consequently, issues linked to digestion often lead to equine health complications. Common conditions include diseases and bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract which cause an influx of domesticated (GIT) diseases related to Equidae.

The benefits and uses of gut horse supplements

Many equine health conditions are a direct result of gut imbalances and a malnourished diet. Research-based health supplements have been produced to support the recovery, function, and efficiency of a horse’s digestive system.


Gut horse symbiotic supplements comprise both palatable and nutritional formulae that combine nourishing probiotic and prebiotic ingredients. High-fibre supplements are highly effective because they replenish the beneficial bacteria in the equine digestive tract and boost gastrointestinal function. Supplements also provide a high-quality protein solution and can be prepared alongside other natural ingredients as a carrier or complementary feed.

Companies can help by producing equine health supplements that:

Improve digestion and hindgut health
Promote the growth of friendly bacteria
Help the formation of normal droppings
Prove gut lining support
Reduce buffer excess acid and soothes the gut lining
Protect the immune system and joints

Solving equine gut health issues

The equine digestive tract is complex and sensitive. Many detrimental factors could contribute to a weak equine digestive functioning. Generally, it’s important to evaluate external factors such as the amount of time the horse is stabled, any stress triggers or situation changes, their eating routine, and the quality of their dietary intake.

To provide an immediate solution to equine gut health issues you should predominantly refer to the quality of diet or use supplements. Ensure there is a high amount of fiber and reduce any excess starch. Consider feeding your horse little and less often alongside health supplements to increase nutritional and vitamin dietary intake. For optimal health results, it’s recommended to avoid drastically changing their diet routine because this can lead to further health complications. Therefore, an ideal alternative is to regularly integrate specialist health supplements as a complementary feed; this offers a long-term solution to prime equine gut health.

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