The Best YouTube Channels With Advice For Horse Riders

The Best YouTube Channels With Advice For Horse Riders

Whether you’re new to horse riding or have years of experience, there’s always much room to learn. Horse riding is such a joyous and inexplicably fulfilling experience that it’s hard to put it into words.

This article lists six of the best YouTube channels you should subscribe to if you want to become a well-informed and knowledgable horse rider. These horse show vlogs will help teach a lot if you’re a beginner.

First, however, you can also learn briefly about how to improve your horse riding skills. However, watching YouTube videos will do no good if you don’t practice your horsemanship skills in real life.

How Can I Improve My Horse Riding Skills?

The easiest way to improve your horse riding skills is to find yourself a trainer. They will analyze your strong and weak points and guide you accordingly.

However, if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of a person, here are a few ways you can try:

  • If you ask an expert, “What is the most important part of riding?” They are likely to tell you it’s the rider’s posture. Work on your posture if you want to ride well.
  • Keep a journal of your horse riding lessons and what you’ve learnt. It will help you to retrospect and self-analyze for improvement.
  • Learn from books and watch videos online.

Many learning videos and applications or platforms are available along with the YouTube channels listed here. For instance, you can subscribe to the Sony TV service or install its app to access horse-related content available on the platform.

Further, if the content is blocked or unavailable in your country, you can use Sony TV VPN to unlock it. We recommend using VeePN, a trustable VPN service with a free trial. It also has a VPN for a smart TV to watch blocked content on a large screen.

6 Best YouTube Channels for Horse Riders

Let’s now look at the six best YouTube channels which will teach you crucial things about horse riding:

1. Show Jumping Life

Show Jumping Life is one of the best YouTube channels you’ll come across. It focuses on concepts on mental skills and the scales of training. This YouTube channel offers videos that include content on top competitors and details on the Grand Prix tournaments and their procedures. It also explains in detail the training tricks. The channel has nearly 93 videos explaining horse handling clinics in detail.

2. Laura Kelland-May

Laura Kelland-May is a YouTuber and a professional rider who has worked as a hunter judge in Canada. Laura also visits other countries located in the United States to act as a judge for multiple horse riding-related shows.


In her channel, along with the tricks and techniques, she explains her views on the shows as a judge. She is open to reviews and provides clarity on things from the judge’s perspective.

The entire set of videos explains horse riding positions, leads, and other aspects of equitations. The channel has about nearly 478 videos with lots of concepts in detail.

3. Fallon Taylor

Despite having an athletic talent, Fallon focuses on following her dreams through YouTube vlogs that explain horse riding in detail.

In some videos, her tones might be a bit harsh, but the content offered is on the higher end. She explains her daily life with her horse with her husband and child as a family.

Sometimes it might seem like a personal vlog, and the channel has nearly 683 videos. It also explains horse tackling techniques and how to train it for a future ride.

4. Evention TV

The Event TV is a YouTube channel run by a partnership team of Jimmy and Don. The videos provided by them are helpful for riders requiring different training tips.

The training videos offered are helpful for an eventer, jumper, and dressage rider. They inspire your dreams and allow you to move forward towards different competitions through their videos.

There are nearly 94 videos available, the latest being six years ago. Even though they have stopped uploading in the current, the previously available videos provide valuable information.

5. Signe of Horses

This particular YouTube channel is run by a horsewoman named Signe, who acts like a Viking and shares her journey differently.

Each video is unique, and she provides many do-it-at-home tutorials by staying in the same role as a Viking. Her horse is gorgeous and inspires every horse lover to bring out a horse like hers.

Her channel is an example of her proper maintenance capacity and has 279 videos explaining her Viking side and her relationship with horses. She explains each concept easily, from how to buy a horse to a detailed explanation of the most famous horse riding discipline.

6. Joseph Newcomb

The Newcomb is one of the major YouTube channels that Joseph recently created. This entire channel is run by Joseph, a dressage rider who focuses on horse riding education.

He also explains other concepts like dressage tutorials and each of her horses in detail with horse riding. There are nearly 784 videos available on the channel. Though the number of views is less, they are pretty valuable and better than most other options.


Who is the best horseback rider ever? Probably it would be hard to pick one when you can find so many horse riders teaching valuable lessons on YouTube.

We hope you’ll like this list of the six best YouTube channels with advice for horse riders. And you’ll use these valuable channels to become a better rider soon. Further, if you try to learn from other platforms or face difficulty accessing blocked content, don’t forget to use a VPN.


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