Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Pat Parelli

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Pat Parelli

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Pat Parelli

Catch up with Pat Parelli in the UK this spring for an enlightening master class set to be thought provoking, educational and truly inspiring.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Pat Parelli

For more than 30 years, Pat Parelli has been helping students and horses across the world with his unique understanding of the psychology of horses.  Here we look at  10 facts you may not know about Pat, his philosophy and his determination to make the world a better place for horses and humans.


  • Pat was born in California’s Bay Area, but his wife, Linda, was born in Singapore and moved with her family to Australia, aged 12.


  • Pat started riding in 1957 and his first pony was called Brownie.


  • Aged 17, Pat took part in rodeos. He was coached by John Hawkins and won the 1972 Bareback Rookie of the Year title, but soon changed direction to a career in training horses, concentrating in starting youngsters.


  • At one point Pat suffered from both equine and financial frustrations and he actually considered leaving the horse world. He knew that he didn’t want to train by processing horses.


  • The Parelli foundation got underway in 1981 combining common sense psychology with communication. However, the Parelli method teaches the human and not the horse.


  • Parelli’s work is completely non-denominational, embracing both English and Western, from dressage to jumping or for leisure riding.


  • Initially a dressage rider, Pat’s wife, Linda ended up studying with him after seeing a video of Pat riding bridle-less.  Linda saw it as her last chance to deal with her problematic horse.


  • Linda dedicates most of her time to writing down what Pat teaches to enable as many people as possible to benefit from his life-changing knowledge.


  • Pat lists his dislikes as negativity, dysfunction and mechanical-forceful attitudes with horses and inhumane treatment of animals.


  • If he was given one wish, Pat says it would be that humans would not default to being chauvinistic, autocratic, anthropomorphic and such direct-line thinkers especially when it comes to horses.


If all of this intrigues you even more, you can meet Pat Parelli here in the UK, with the opportunity to ride with him or watch him teach 12 new students. He is holding a Master Class at Oakridge Arena, Newark, Nottinghamshire, on March 17 to 19, 2017. Tickets for this amazing event can be found at www.parelli.com/events or contact the Parelli UK office on 0800 0234 813.


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