Heartbreak at HorseWorld

The battle to save the foals born to rescued, emaciated mothers

HorseWorld, a horse rescue charity that rescued three severely neglected, pregnant mares has had to say a very sad goodbye to one of the foals they have battled to save for more than a year.

Based on the outskirts of Bristol, the charity rescued two heavily pregnant mothers in 2021. They had been found in horrific condition standing in a filthy barn, hock deep in soiled bedding. They were riddled with lice and suffering from rain scald due to exposure to prolonged wet weather. All had very over-grown hooves and were desperately malnourished.

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Time was of the essence, as the neglect they had suffered was life-threatening. The mares were taken back to HorseWorld, where the team, alongside vets, worked tirelessly to try to save the mothers and their unborn babies. 

Soon after arrival, one of the mares, named LJ, gave birth to a premature foal. The team battled around the clock to nurse the young colt. He had inherited his mother’s brave character and determination to survive – it was then the HorseWorld team named him Thor. His mother also came down with an infection soon after giving birth. The immense strain on her compromised immune system was showing its toll.

Horseworld - Newborn Thor
Newborn Thor

The remaining mare, Pink Champagne, had a fairly straightforward labour, and her newborn foal appeared to be healthy. The HorseWorld team breathed a sigh of relief and named the filly Pink Gin, Ginny for short. The cruelty and malnourishment Ginny’s mother was subjected to while pregnant meant that although she appeared healthy, she also had been born with a weak immune system. Ginny fell ill with an infection called Campylobacter which can be fatal. Once again, the team sprang into action to work around the clock to keep her alive.

Newborn Ginny
Newborn Ginny

“After more than a year of the HorseWorld Veterinary and Welfare team battling various health problems with both Ginny and Thor, we have the extremely sad news that we’ve had to say goodbye to Thor.”

Said HorseWorld’s Head of Welfare, Sarah Hollister.

It’s always heartbreaking to lose any of our family, but with such a special young horse, who we all thought was on the road to recovery, it is just devastating.

Ginny and Thor had been on such a remarkable journey together and we were really hoping they both had a long and happy life to look forward to but sadly for Thor, the neglect his mother had suffered whilst pregnant had set his tiny body up for a battle he couldn’t win. Our veterinary team at B&W Equine Vets and the HorseWorld staff fought alongside Thor with no expense spared in his care but his health suddenly took a turn for the worse and blood tests revealed his digestive system was failing fast.

Said Sarah.

We are battling to save Ginny whose health has also been hugely affected by the terrible neglect her mother suffered.”

We were hoping that this little filly would have her whole life to look forward to but we are facing an uncertain future for her. Our veterinary and Welfare team are monitoring her on a daily basis and she is receiving expert care. Without the support of the donations we have received for them we couldn’t continue this intensive care and we are so grateful for every donation which can help us give Ginny the best possible chance of a good life.”

She continued.

HorseWorld can only help horses like Ginny, Thor and their mothers because of the support received from kind members of the public, whether from regular donations and sponsorships, remembering HorseWorld in your will, or joining our open days and volunteering.

To find out more about the charity and make a donation to help the rescued horses in their care, please visit Horse World website.

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