Tarzan Learns the World is Not Such a Scary Place

Learning the Hosepipe is not to fear

Tarzan Learns the World is Not Such a Scary Place

It has been over six months now since Tarzan has been receiving rehabilitation from the team at World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre after he was found abandoned and severely underweight, with a body condition score of one.

Tarzan was found alongside a filly that sadly had to be put to sleep after becoming unwell on arrival at the centre.

It is no surprise to learn that Tarzan found it difficult to initially trust the staff at the centre considering he had been beaten when he was discovered but he is steadily growing in confidence and developing well with regular handling.

With the help of his groom Katie Grimshaw, Tarzan is starting to realise that the world is not such a scary place by doing some in-hand work in the school and out on the farm.

Tarzan enjoying a groom
Tarzan enjoying a groom

In the school he is learning how to be calm around ‘scary’ objects, such as walking over tarpaulin, seeing umbrellas and playing with his football.

It is important that he overcomes his fears in a safe environment, whilst also being playful and learning that there is nothing to worry about, if he is to go on to be re-homed in the future.

“He loves being groomed and is getting more confident with the hosepipe and having his feet cleaned. We are so pleased with his progress, especially considering that he was so badly treated in the past,” said Katie.

As winter is not too far away Tarzan will take delivery of a brand new rug courtesy of Alltech that could well be the first one he has ever owned.

Leading animal nutrition company Alltech are pleased to offer their support to help highlight the suffering of horses both in the UK and worldwide and also raise awareness of the fantastic achievements of equine charities such as World Horse Welfare in restoring trust in humans of these wonderful animals.

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