South Notts Hunt help rescue horses from burning fields

South Notts Hunt help rescue horses from burning fields

Hunt staff from the South Notts Hunt rushed to assist their local community in helping rescue horses from burning fields on Tuesday, 19th July.

Horses and ponies grazing in fields in Blidworth, Nottinghamshire, were rescued after an urgent cry for help was issued by Haywood Oaks woodland just after 4pm on Tuesday.

The blaze was reported to be moving quickly and as fire services were also in attendance, farmers were being called upon to help dig a trench as a fire break, to help stop the fire from spreading to the residential area. 

Haywood Oaks is one of the most densely equine-populated areas in the UK, with a huge number of privately owned and livery-run paddocks and stabling. With the messages for help and updates quickly turning to panic from local horse owners, hunt Stud Groom, Jayne, quickly sprung into action, offering immediate horse transport to move horses from the immediate danger zone. 

Jayne is quick to play down her part in the community rescue, saying she feels anyone with horses would have done the same:

As the South Notts is fortunate to have a large horse lorry, I knew I could be of immediate help. I was glad to be able to move horses for those owners that don’t have transport and help sort out an emergency place for the horses to go. Anyone with animals would do the same, though as a hunt we are lucky to have such a community network.” 

Polly Portwin for the Countryside Alliance applauded the South Notts Hunt staff and local farmers for their valiant efforts, saying:

Once again we see the important results and vital outcome of a strong hunting community and thank Jayne for her quick-thinking to ensure the safety of people’s beloved horses and ponies.” 

Fire crews worked throughout the night to tackle a large blaze on farmland in Nottinghamshire which is now under control.

The county’s fire and rescue service said it was called out to the fire at a farm in Blidworth Lane, Blidworth, at about 13:35 BST on Tuesday.

About 15 crews and 85 firefighters attended the scene which was declared a major incident by the service. Several homes were evacuated as firefighters dealt with the large fire which started in a forest.

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