ECCO FEI World Championships Herning Overview

Stutteri Ask Stadium Photo credit: Ridehesten

With less than 10 days to go until the ECCO FEI World Championships in Herning, Denmark here’s a round-up of what you need to know, and who you can expect to see compete.

The event will take place between the 6th – 14th of August and will host four disciplines; showjumping, dressage, para-dressage and vaulting within EquiPark, an exhibition area built aside the Stutteri Ask Stadium. The Eventing and Driving championships will take place between the 15th – 25th of September, in Pratoni Del Vivaro, Italy. Finally, Endurance will take place on the Dellaof October in Isola della Scala, Verona.

The FEI World Championships is the largest equestrian event held by Danmark, where 200,000 visitors are expected to attend during the 9-day equestrian extravaganza. In total there are 11 arenas, three of which will host the feature competitions; Stutteri Ask Stadium, BB Horse Arena and the Jysthe ke Bank Boxen. Alongside the top-class line-up, the event will feature talks, presentations and clinics by world-renowned equestrian professionals.

Herning Veue Map
Venue Map


As part of a wider sustainability effort, Herning seeks to set a new benchmark for other large-scale events by minimising waste and concentrating on ‘doing what’s done well, better’. Initiatives such as sustainable merchandise for staff and volunteers, waste management and sorting, judge towers made from recycled wood, and using base materials that are rented or half produced for service to extend product life to be used elsewhere after the event.


“We will buy recycled solutions whenever possible and make sure that products and materials are re-used after the event. We will rent or borrow instead of buying new”.

Quote taken from the FEI World Championships 2022 website.

Stutteri Ask Stadium Photo credit: Ridehesten
Stutteri Ask Stadium
Photo credit: Ridehesten

The ECCO FEI World Championships Disciplines


Taking place 10-14th August, the showjumping rounds will see the usual combination of an individual and team effort. The discipline will take place in the Stutteri Ask Stadium, an outdoor multi-use football stadium (otherwise known as the MCH Arena) which has a seating capacity of 10,000.

The confirmed horse and rider combinations for the British Equestrian Jumping Team include Scott Brash and Hello Jefferson, Harry Charles and Romeo 88, Ben Maher and his Olympic Gold medal ride, Explosion W and Joseph Stockdale riding Equine America Cacharel.

showjumping def entries FEI World Championships

Travelling reserve is British stalwart John Whitaker riding Equine America Unick du Francport. The three reserve combinations include a strong lady lineup of Amy Inglis, Jodie Hall McAteer and Ellen Whitaker.

The grooms travelling with the ECCO FEI World Championships squad include David Honnet, Georgia Ellwood, Sophie Currie and Charlotte Attwell.


Dressage will take place between the 6th-10th of August and will feature the usual individual and team effort. As with the Showjumping, the Dressage will also be held in the outdoor Stutteri Ask Stadium.

The confirmed horse and rider combinations for the British Equestrian Dressage Team are Richard Davison riding Bubblingh, Charlotte Dujardin riding Imhotep, Charlotte Fry riding Glamourdale and Gareth Hughes riding Classic Briolinca.

FEI World Championship Dressage Entries

The two reserve riders, in order of preference, include Laura Tomlinson and Susan Pape.

Grooms travelling with the team include Heidi Troniseck, Alan Davies, Richard Neale and Steph Sharples.


Para-dressage will take place between the 10th-14th August and will feature Grade I, II, III, IV, and V individual and team competitions. The classes will take place in the newly constructed outdoor BB Horse Arena, which is set in away from the epicentre, in a quieter location.

The confirmed horse and rider combinations for the British Equestrian Para Dressage Team are Grade II: Sir Lee Pearson riding Breezer, Georgia Wilson riding Sakura, Grade III: Natasha Baker, riding Keystone Dawn Chorus and Grade 5: Sophie Wells riding Don Cara M.

FEI World Championship Para-Dressage Entries

Three reserve riders, listed in order of selection are Charlotte Cundall, Gabriella Blake and Nicola Naylor.

The two grooms travelling with the para-dressage squad are Beth Revill and Sue Keates.


Vaulting will take place in the indoor Jyske Bank Boxen arena. The definite entries are split across four categories, individual female, individual male, Pas-de-Deux and the squad. The Individual Female, Individual Male and Squad competitions will take place on the 6th of August, with the Pas-de-Deux on the 7th and the National Team competition on the 10th.

Jyske Bank Boxen Photo credit: MCH/Lars Møller
Jyske Bank Boxen
Photo credit: MCH/Lars Møller

For more information on the vaulting competitors visit

All combinations are subject to the athlete and horse maintaining fitness and performance.

How to watch the ECCO FEI World Championships

All of the events will be featured live on Please note, that subscription charges apply.


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