Six Spring Essentials for Your Horse

6 spring essentials for your horse

Six Spring Essentials for Your Horse

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With the warmer weather on the way, we thought to highlight six spring essentials for your horse, not including fly rugs as we’ve planned a separate feature which will be coming up soon.

Please note: all products were in stock at the time of publishing, affiliate links are to Amazon only. We do not in any way endorse these products, they are selected from ‘best sellers’, or Amazon choice items.

Harrison Howard CareMaster Fly Mask

Cheap and cheerful, the Harrison Howard CareMaster fly mask helps keep flies and other bugs away from your horse’s eyes. Best practice tips; only leave on the horse’s face during the day and remove in the evening to help prevent an adverse reaction from your horse, as well as reducing any chance of rubbing. Clean regularly with a damp sponge to prevent dirt and grease build-up.

Sizes: Pony or Cob

£12.99 Amazon, SHOP NOW >>

LINCOLN ‘Sun Bloc’

lincoln horse uv protection sun block

Protect areas not covered with a fly net, or hood with UV sunscreen. Lincoln’s ‘Sun Bloc’ offers a UV and water-resistant layer to apply to those exposed sensitive areas. Consider applying to muzzle, pink areas such as the sheath and pink legs where there are minimal feathers.

£12.64 200g Amazon, SHOP NOW >>

Dengie Field Lick

Dengie Field lick

A field lick is an ideal boredom breaker, however, a lick fortified with essential vitamins and minerals is key to maintaining a healthy horse gut, alongside maximising condition of the skin and coat. Ideal for youngstock turned out at grass as contains valuable ingredients, which are often missing from grass and forage. Contains 10% protein.

£22.03 15kg Amazon, SHOP NOW >>

NAF Off Citronella Spray

NAF Off Citronella Spray

A firm favourite with horse owners, the NAF Off Citronella Spray is fortified with citronella (as the name suggests), a natural fly repellent. Sold in 750ml, so you’ll get plenty of product for your money, the spray offers good coverage and has a nice scent. Helps protect from midges, mosquitos and flies.

£10.49 750ml Amazon, SHOP NOW >>

Kevin Bacon’s Liquid Hoof Dressing

Kevin Bacon's liquid Hoof Dressing

Kevin Bacon’s liquid hoof dressing should have your external hoof care covered for the spring and summer. When applied on a regular basis, the liquid helps keep the hoof supple, prevent cracks, and assists in protection from bacterial conditions. Brush built into lid. Note: this is preferred for summer use, there is an ointment available for winter use.

£22.34 1ltr Amazon, SHOP NOW >>

Horse and Pony Weigh Tape

horse and pony weight and height tape

It’s essential to condition score your horse throughout the spring and summer months, as fluctuations from a healthy weight increase the risk of health conditions such as laminitis, worm burdens, grass sickness etc. A height and weight tape is the single most handy tool you could as a horse owner, and they don’t cost the earth.

£5.45 Amazon, SHOP NOW >>

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