Savvy’s Yard: A Destination For Equestrian Gifts

savvy's yard

Savvy’s Yard offers a collection of unique and highly desired items, ranging from homeware to jewellery, their beautiful items, along with their story from humble beginning, offer the perfect lockdown lift!

After our success through our social media blog, we transformed into an online store. From the encouragement from our followers, we soon began offering our small collection of hand-made items through our website, Savvy’s Yard. We now have a fabulous range of gifts, jewellery and homeware inspired by horse and country living.

We are a friendly family business run by myself, Tracey and my husband Adam. It began from us starting a blog in 2018 where we would write about our cottage renovations and Savvy, our cheeky young mare. Through the renovation we made a coffee table and a kitchen roll holder from some elm wood we had inherited.

Our followers loved the unique items and inspired us to build the blog into a brand. We found ourselves with a handful of items, a website and our brand beginning to grow. After lots of hard work making and sourcing items, we soon had a collection of stunning horse gifts, horse-inspired jewellery and country homeware.

Our range is ever expanding showcasing our range across four collections. Horse gifts are what we feel are the essential gifts for horse lovers and everything equine related, such items include the leather snaffle clasp belt. British hand-made using the best Italian leather and joined together using a solid brass snaffle bit clasp. It can also be personalised by embossing or foil letter finish. It’s a perfect personalised gift or a self-indulgent treat for yourself.

We adore everything equine so our second range is our lovely horse jewellery. An intriguing collection from those must haves for your jewellery box collection including necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

We also feature a new gorgeous selection of hand-made horse hair jewellery. This includes two necklaces; one is a horse shoe pendant and the other is a heart-shaped pendant. Both are made from sterling silver and include your braided horse hair inlayed. We also include 2 choices of braided bracelets, one of which can be personalised and with a choice of clasps.

There are bracelet charms too – in a choice of colours, your horse’s hair is wrapped, cast in a coloured resin and are made to fit any popular charm bracelet.  Finally, we have a silver memory ring which has your hair cast in a resin bezel with a heart on the opposite end. At Savvy’s Yard we know how important horse are and what they mean to us, horse jewellery can truly make it special.

Bring the country feel into your home with our rustic collection from our country gifts. This range contains most of the items we make in our workshop that sits beside Savvy’s stable, in particular our vintage kitchen roll holder. One of our very first items and still proves to be one of the best sellers. It’s farmhouse inspired, made from cast iron and oak. The sturdy holder means you can pull and tear the paper towel off with one hand. Another product from the range is the ‘Eric’ the bull footstool, a faux leather footstool shaped like a friendly farmyard bull. Sturdy strong and a comfortable to rest your legs.

Our final range is tack room, it includes some of those yard, stable and tack room essentials. It’s one of our new and growing ranges that showcases our hand-made tack holder. Made as “one offs” they are completely unique, this one in particular is made from an aged oak slab and reclaimed railway sleepers. Our tack holders will add character to any tack room.

Savvy’s Yard has a unique blend of hand-made combined with specially sourced items. The result is our fascinating collection of homeware and lifestyle accessories inspired by equine and country living.

Sponsored by Savvy’s Yard.

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