Reiki for Horses, Animals and Humans

Reiki for Horses

Reiki for Horses, Animals and Humans

Reiki article written by Reiki Master/Teacher Rachael Dickson
In the last 10 years there has been a shift in the way holistic remedies and treatments are viewed and the benefits they can offer our four legged friends. In recent years there has been somewhat of a boom in Equine Reiki. All you need to do is search for Equine Reiki practitioners in Google and you can take your pick, horse owners everywhere are being bitten by ‘the bug’  by signing up to become “attuned” to be qualified to do it themselves.
So what’s it all about?
Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key ) is a Japanese healing/relaxation technique which enhances health and well-being, the word itself means universal energy. Although not a miracle cure to ailments or illness, Reiki can be very effective when used in conjunction with modern-day medicine by helping promote relaxation. Any horse that gets stressed when restricted to box rest could very quickly benefit from the positive results Reiki can have.
How does it work?
Firstly it works in the same way on our beloved pets as it does on us. Over time the body’s natural flow of energy can be disrupted creating blockages, this is where negative thoughts and feelings reside. These blockages can manifest themselves in many ways, such as nervous/anxious behaviour. Reiki works by directing the universal energy around your horse to these affected parts. This then raises the vibrational frequency in and around the horses physical body leading to the dissipation of negative energy.
Reiki for horses
Reiki for horses

By clearing the natural energy pathways we aim to reset the body’s natural energy state, in turn restoring your horses natural flow of energy. Working on the horses chakras (chakra meaning wheel) you can begin to understand that if one chakra or wheel isn’t working as I should, it can knock all of the others out of sync. By the laying on of hands and focusing on your horses various chakras (points on the image shown above) your Reiki practitioner re-addresses the energy imbalance.

Reiki can have many positive effects. It can be incredibly relaxing to humans and animals, often causing a sleepy state resulting in feeling refreshed and revived afterwards. If you are thinking of getting a Reiki practitioner out to your horse please be aware that it is always done with a positive intent to heal and promote positivity. When working with Reiki, on any kind of animal it is on the basis that both parties are willing participants. Reiki should NEVER be forced on to some one or an animal without their approval. How do we get that approval with animals? It’s simple, when your horse has had enough he will simply move away. Under no circumstances should you try to hold your horse in ‘situ’ whilst the practitioner treats your horse so you get your monies worth. This is completely counter productive and goes against the fundamental principles of Reiki.
Personally I offer taster treatments as with people it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, although I am yet to come across a horse who hasn’t enjoyed the tranquillity that Reiki provides.
Anybody who is “attuned “ by a qualified Master can conduct a treatment by tapping into the universal energy. Naturally its hard to ask outright what your horse experienced during his or her Reiki session, in humans some talk of feeling heat coming from the laying on of hands and other clients experience cold sensation. Regardless of this there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Equine Reiki has made us sit up in our Hunter wellies and pay attention to it’s magic. With it growing in popularity at a storming rate, surely it’s vastly increasing number of followers can’t be wrong there must be something to it.
My own case study
I was hooked several years back and am now a practising Master/Teacher, you may think, how do I know it works ? I had my own experience with an extremely nervous Welsh Section D whom I happened to purchase from a local horse sales. When I very first bought him you mostly only ever saw the whites of his eyes. You only had to look over the stable door and he would bolt to the back corner.
I could go on as he’s had a lot of issues! With patience building a mutual respect and bond for one another and using Reiki to allow him to release and “reset” his energy path ways he is now a different horse. I now believe he is a more relaxed happier version of the horse I met that day at the sale.
For more information please visit or contact Rachael via mobile on 07952807881. Operating across Wirral and Cheshire.

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