4 Horse Racing Betting Tips for Beginners

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4 Horse Racing Betting Tips for Beginners

There is a small percentage of bettors who only take part in horse race betting during big tournaments like the Kentucky Derby and the like. However, if you are a bettor for some time now, you would see that there are bettors who frequently bet on horse racing all year round. They have invested time and effort into researching and learning all the things to win.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, your time and effort would be useless if you don’t make the most out of the information and resources you can easily find online. You will still be at a disadvantage in terms of wins. That said, here are some tips you can follow to start winning more often in any horse racing event.

Do Your Research

Thousands of bettors bet on horse racing every year, but only a small percentage of them go the extra mile to learn the basics. This includes learning how to bet on the Kentucky Derby online or do a little bit of digging to have an advantage.

To make things simple, the first you should do is to find information. That said, a lot of information can be found online or in the racing forms themselves.


The racing form is an excellent source of information, not just about the race or the horses participating. It’s a tool where you can find information about the horses’ pedigree, their trainers, the kind of track they will run on, etc.

Moreover, a list of participating horses is presented in the racing forms. That said, it is essential to note the top three horses in this list since they have a good chance of winning the race. However, this doesn’t mean that you should always bet on these horses. Remember that each race is different in terms of the race track, positioning, and the horses’ performances.

Don’t Just Bet on the Favorite Horses

Just like any other sport, horse racing is a very unpredictable game. The favorite horses can only win so often, and betting all your money on these horses most of the time will make you lose more money in the long run. That said, try looking at each horses’ betting value.

There are times when a horse is expected to win, but its value is low. To make the most out of your money, you have to hold your horses (pun not intended) and wait for the value to increase.

But what if the horse wins? That may be the case, but you won’t have that much cash prize anyway since the value is low. That said, save your money for a better opportunity like a better horse with a significant betting value, or wait for the value to increase.

Vary Your Bets

Every bettor betting on the horse racing event should have a realistic plan. What we mean about being realistic is knowing that just placing a single bet on a horse you think will win is not enough to make the most of your money.

If you did your research, you’d know that multiple horses have a good chance of winning the race. You should use this information to your advantage. Why not place bets on these horses to have more chances of winning? This way, you’ll have a better chance of winning, potentially getting more cash prizes and eventually getting back your bets, if not more.

Get to Know the Track

As mentioned earlier, the kind of track the horses will be running on is indicated on the racing forms. Several tracks can be used for a horse race. For example, some stadiums use either Polytrack, dirt, or grass. Just like how a tennis player tends to do better on a specific court, the horses’ performance also varies depending on the kind of track they are in.

Dry courses are suitable for horses that are lighter on their hooves and can belt out high speeds. However, some horses are firm footed, meaning they hit the ground hard when running. For these kinds of horses, a softer turf that accommodates gripping power when running is optimal.

That said, take into consideration the kind of track the horses are running on and look at the horses’ performance on each kind of track. Knowing each horse’s performance on a certain kind of track is an essential factor in picking your winning horse.


For beginners, always look for information available on hand and the internet. This way, you will have an advantage in terms of picking the right horse and ultimately winning. That said, every information is essential, from the kind of race track the race will use to the positioning of the horses. Making the most out of your resources also means you are making the most out of your money.

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