Planes for Horses

Planes for Horses

You might be unable to force a 1,000-pound, 7-foot-tall horse into an average airplane seatbelt. However, with Kull Jet Aero, it is finally possible to transport horses for a longer distance with a little luxury along the way. Kull Jet’s specialized staff takes your horse from point A to B safely and efficiently, attending to their every whim along the way.

A horse may need to board a plane to get to a race or meet breeding requirements in another location. From time to time, these magnificent creatures may need to fit into a smaller plane where they immediately transform into nervous fliers. So why not book a jet and make it more comfortable for them? 

In this article, we take a look at planes for horses with an airline that helps our beloved equine travel in a little more luxury, Kull Jet Aero.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Horse?

Gone are the days when a massive ship was the only mode of transport available to your horses. Today, your horses can safely and with minimal upset. They can soar as high as you, reaching multiple locations, from Europe and USA to the Gulf States. 


Equine travel is made comfortable for the horse, with all the necessities (and then some) taken care of, but did you know horses can also fly in luxury? Flying your horse in a specially adapted private jet can add to their comfort and allow them all the safety they deserve. Private jets can monitor the safety of your horse, provide the necessary experts, and control emergencies when required. 

Why Does a Horse Need to Fly? 

You can be a horse owner and never have to transport a horse via plane. However, if you breed racehorses, own a racehorse, or want to keep your racehorse in a comfortable environment throughout the year, you may need to consider a private plane. The same applies for eventing, showjumping and dressage horses, they all, in fact, are able to fly should it be required.

Racehorses in particular, often need to be transported from one location to another for a match or simply to breed. Since they are used to the rural environment, they can’t stay locked in the city’s confines forever. Thus, they need to travel during breeding and racing seasons. 

Why Would a Horse Need a Private Jet? 

A private jet, which is uniquely designed to travel a horse, is a much more bespoke and comfortable option than a traditional cargo carrier. Since private jets cater to the passenger’s needs, they will make your horse feel more at ease during the journey. 

Private jets can also provide special additions, such as an experienced staff that takes care of your horse in the air. Moreover, you can arrive ahead of time, avoid the long queues, reach directly, and get cheaper rates. 

A Guide to Transporting Horses Through Private Jets

Before considering transporting your horse to another location via air travel, ensure you have your horse’s passport, health records, vaccination information, and other formalities covered. 

When booking the private flight, you choose can a plane to suit your needs, along with any additional amenities. If you plan to accompany your horse, gather the required documents and fulfill the requirements for other travel companions. 

Make sure to travel with the same companions each time to keep your horse relaxed. 

Final Thoughts

Horses may be majestic, but they are fragile creatures and can be easily stressed or injured if handled poorly. A private jet can allow you to provide comfort to your horse and get it from one location to another safely and with the least stress. 

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