New Online Friesian Dressage League announced


In a forward-thinking move, The UKFS (United Kingdom Friesian Studbook) has announced a new partnership with Dressage Anywhere to host a National & International Online Friesian Dressage League.

Launched in 2010, Dressage Anywhere operates in ninety-five countries around the world, making them a leader in the online equestrian competition sphere.

The new online Friesian Dressage League is open to any registered Friesian horse in the UK & Internationally. It is open to All – Members of UKFS and Non-Members.

The new league will run over a 12 month period, from 01/01/2023 till 31/12/2023 with Monthly Competitions. The British Dressage (BD) tests will be judged by Qualified & Approved BD Judges.


The UKFS will provide Rosettes and wonderful gifts to highest scored Friesian at the end of the year (including a year’s membership to the UKFS and a year’s equine membership with British Dressage) and many other goodies to participants.

Dressage Anywhere also provides online Monthly Training Classes, Freestyle to Music Championships, and many additional dressage tests if you would like to add on.

The UKFS looks forward to welcoming Friesians competing in Dressage – all from the comfort of a home setting without the pressure of traveling & dressing up and ensures inclusivity to all Friesian horses.


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