Party Trick Legacy launched in memory of top eventing stallion killed in RTA

Nick Gauntlett riding Party Trick (Nick Gauntlett Eventing Facebook Page)

Party Trick Legacy launched in memory of top eventing stallion killed in RTA

The Party Trick legacy has been launched in memory of a top eventing stallion killed in an RTA.

Earlier this year, international event rider, Nick Gauntlett announced that he had lost four horses in a freak road traffic accident. After breaking down on the way to competition, Gauntlett’s lorry was unfortunately struck by another vehicle as he and his team watched on. Of the four horse killed, one was his top eventing and breeding stallion, Party Trick.

After such a devastating event, equestrians from across the nation pulled together to fundraise for the team. However, Team Gauntlett requested all monies raised were pushed toward the BHS Road Safety Campaign and SHB (GB) British Breeding.

Now, after consulting with fellow British Horse Society Fellow Pammy Hutton, along with Islay Auty and Sarah Ettridge, the Party Trick legacy has been born!

Sport Horse Breeding (GB) Champion Stallion Party Trick was a super star in the making. Gauntlett stated the stallion was  “without doubt the best I have ever ridden”. With an aim to make the stallion into a team for for Great Britain to take to Championship level, this was opportunity was sadly taken away too soon.

However, Gauntlett went on to explain the the stallion was known to “stamp” his progeny with the same talent. Therefore, the team are now looking to breed some foals using Party Trick’s frozen semen.

The Party Trick legacy will look for the best mares, either proven dams or competition horses, to take on the very limited semen of the stallion at West Kington Stud. The money raised by the legacy project will then be pumped into Embryo Transfer and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) techniques. Despite coming at a cost, these methods hope to attract the very best dams, allowing eggs to be harvested out of competition seasons

So, not only is the legacy looking for funds, but also some talented mares. Gauntlett has already reached out to the equestrian community over social maids, announcing;

To owners and riders of these great mares, we need you! Please let us know if you are interested in learning more. We would love work with you and maybe have a foal each. At the end of the day, whether owned by us or not, just to know that there are horses (registered with Sport Horse Breeding GB) by Party Trick on Championship teams bring something positive out of the terrible loss British Breeding has suffered.”

To donate to the Party Trick Legacy, click here.

Header Image: Nick Gauntlett riding Party Trick (Nick Gauntlett Eventing Facebook Page)

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