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Want to know a little more about the Paddy Power app? If so, we’ve got you covered. Below are details on the app, what it has to offer, and much more.

How to download the Paddy Power app

Before we get into a closer look at the app, let us provide some specifics on installing the Paddy Power app for your device. The app is available to download through both the App Store and Google Play Store on smartphones and tablets. So assuming you have one of these devices that runs on either iOS or Android, you are good to go. But to ensure that there is no confusion regarding downloading the app, we’ve put together some exact steps for each operating system below:


  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Type ‘Paddy Power’
  • Locate the sports betting app
  • Tap the install button


  • Head to the App Store
  • Enter Paddy Power in the search box
  • Tap download on the sports betting app
  • Enter Apple ID to approve download
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This is the exact download process no matter the device you are using. And we’d like to point out that we mentioned the ‘sports betting’ app deliberately. That’s because Paddy Power actually has several apps you can download. These are split according to the products that Paddy Power has available, so it’s important that you install the correct one. Of course, only the Paddy Power app for sports will give you access to the horse racing betting markets.

Opening an account on the Paddy Power app and using a promo code

Now that you are fully aware of how to download the Paddy Power app, it’s time to reveal another important element – how you can sign up. The good news is that it doesn’t take very long to open a new account. And the process is actually very simple. All you have to do is create a fresh username and password, then provide Paddy Power with some standard personal information. However, it’s important to point out that this is also where you can enter a promo code for an exclusive sign-up deal.

During the registration phase, you can enter this promo code into the respective box. A confirmation message should appear on the screen, and this confirms that you have qualified for the exclusive promotion. In terms of what the exclusive bonus is, you can make the most of a £20 money-back incentive for your very first wager. This is twice the value of the standard welcome bonus at Paddy Power, which consists of a £10 money-back offer.

And to clarify exactly what this means, let us provide a quick example. Say you wagered on a pre-race horse racing market with odds of 4.00, and you chose to wager the full £20. If your bet was to come through, the returns would be £80 (£20 x 4.00). But if the bet was to lose, you would get the stake added back to your account thanks to the money-back guarantee. So theoretically, you cannot lose on this initial bet – not when it comes to the value of your bet anyway.

Horse racing betting options on the Paddy Power app

With details of how to install the app, how to register, and how to bag your welcome bonus now covered, it’s time to look at what the app has to offer. Naturally, if the Paddy Power app didn’t function well or it didn’t have what you are looking for, you wouldn’t want to use it. But we can put those concerns to bed through the information shared below.

Paddy Power app – supported horse racing events and markets

Given that we are focusing on horse racing betting here, we shall be sticking with top events for this sport in this discussion. On that note, it goes without saying that Paddy Power pays special attention to the UK and Irish events. These include events like the Irish Grand National, English Grand National, Cheltenham Festival, Ascot Festival, and many others. With these major events, you can usually expect to find more betting bonuses, exclusive markets, and fantastic odds on the Paddy Power app.

But with this said, Paddy Power might pay special attention to these domestic races, however, this bookmaker does cover races held all over the world. Prime examples of international races include things like the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Preakness Stakes, Dubai World Cup, Melbourne Cup, and countless others. That’s why the Paddy Power app is truly a platform that has it all when it comes to horse racing, at least from the perspective of diverse betting offerings.

As for the horse racing markets supported on the app, again, things look promising. Paddy Power always has a selection of markets including moneyline (outright winner), futures, to place, each way, to show, winning distance, and plenty of others. The app even supports live betting for some of the longer horse races that can be bet on around the world. And coming back to the major festivals here, you can usually find various specials to take a punt on.

These can include things like most trainer wins, most jockey wins, and others can also be requested if you like. So to conclude, if you cannot find a desired market on the Paddy Power app, it’s unlikely you’ll find one elsewhere.

Placing a bet on the app – how to do so

Okay, now it’s time to take a look at the process of actually placing a bet on this mobile app. Of course, this is to be noted once you have processed a successful deposit on the app. So – how can you place a bet on the app? Well, let’s start with the pre-race markets for horse racing. Once you have found your event, you can follow the steps shown here to successfully place a bet on the Paddy Power app:

  1. Tap the market you’d like to bet on
  2. Head to the betting slip (market should be added)
  3. Enter the stake (value of your bet) that you want to wager
  4. Tap the place bet button
  5. Check that the bet has been placed (should have a reference number)

You can always come back and check on your bet once it has been placed. This can be done at any time you like. And to clarify, the app automatically pays out on winning bets, so this isn’t something that you have to monitor or stay on top of. As for the value of the bet, you must stake a minimum of £1 for the pre-race markets with Paddy Power. This minimum is lowered for live bets, which brings us to our next point.

To place a live bet, you can repeat the exact process shown above. However, you have to be very quick to place bets at the odds that you see. That’s because horse races can be over rapidly, sometimes in just a few minutes! But if you do want to go down this route, the good news is that the bet minimum is just 10p.

Supported payment options for deposits on the Paddy Power app

As mentioned above, before you can place a wager on the app, you’ve got to have some funds available. And the only way that this is achieved is by processing a deposit through a supported method. On that note, Paddy Power has a range of deposit options you can use to process deposits. But before we discuss these, as a friendly reminder, first deposits should be made using a debit card. This is the only method that guarantees eligibility for the welcome bonus, so make sure you pay attention to this before pulling the trigger on your initial deposit.

With that taken care of, let us talk about the other payment options that are available. Paddy Power actually has many options on the app, and these include direct bank transfers, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, PaySafeCard, and rapid transfers. The deposit minimums can vary between these methods, but the lowest is £5. This is the case for methods such as debit cards and instant bank transfers.

Whichever method you use, you won’t have to worry about any fees. There are none stated in the banking terms and conditions. And the last thing that punters always worry about is transaction speeds. Here’s the good news – most deposits are processed instantly, and the maximum processing time is 4 hours.

Top features of the Paddy Power app

If you look at some reviews of the Paddy Power app for both Android and iOS, you’ll notice that most reviews are very positive. And this is the case because of an extensive horse racing betting offering in general. But it’s also the case thanks to several key features, which we’ve identified here:

Streaming for all UK and Ireland races

As long as you have a funded account, you can stream all Irish and UK races through the app. All you have to do to initiate this is pick a race, hit the play button, and then the stream should begin. Based on our own experience, the quality of streaming through the app is actually very good. Of course, it’s awesome that you can then watch the events that you have bet on too.

Power Prices

On the whole, the odds that Paddy Power produces are very good for horse racing. They even have a ‘best odds guarantee’ to ensure that you are paid out at the highest price possible. But if you want to get even better value on your bets, you can look at the Power Prices section. This is where Paddy Power has picked certain markets for upcoming races and pumped up the price of the odds. The impact of this is that if your bet wins, the payout should be much larger than just the payouts from the standard prices.

Regular ‘extra place’ payouts

The last of the top features to highlight is the extra place payouts that Paddy Power also has. Of course, in horse racing, you can bet on a horse ‘to place’ for any race. Oftentimes, this results in payouts if your horse manages to achieve a top-three finish. But for larger horse racing events, Paddy Power gives you an even wider net to try and bag a win. Instead of paying out on top three finishes, Paddy Power will payout on top four or even top-five finishes. The exact number just depends on which race you are betting on.

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Design and user experience

When it comes to the user experience and overall design of the app, we are more than happy with what we’ve seen. The app itself, while quite extensive, feels relatively compact. And this is thanks to clear menu items, simple navigation structures, and speedy transition times. You even have the option to add your own unique touch to the Paddy Power app. For example, you can add certain horses, markets, or race formats to your favourites on the app. And this means that when you load up the horse racing section, all of these will be shown above the others.

Now that we’ve come to the end of this review of the Paddy Power app, we can only finish by stating that this is an app that we would happily use again. The app is suitable for everyone from beginners all the way to advanced punters. And if you are looking for one of the best horse racing betting experiences out there, then this app is certainly a prime contender. The entire platform is built to provide an excellent experience for punters in this sport. This is backed up by things like the quality of the odds, features such as streaming, awesome bonuses, and so much more.So all in all, would we recommend installing the Paddy Power mobile app for horse racing? Definite

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