App Allows Riders To Instantly Report Road Incidents

App Allows Riders To Instantly Report Road Incidents
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App Allows Riders To Instantly Report Road Incidents

The British Horse Society (BHS) have lauched a new app feature, allowing riders to instantly report road incidents.

The new initiative is being trialled on the Huufe app, which offers rewards in exchanged for riding to users. The new feature will allow riders to report road incidents whilst out hacking, “with just too clicks”.

On the collaboration, co-founder of the Huufe app, Richard Phillips, explained;

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“Riders can simply press a button in the app, select the type of incident and the BHS will have a record of the incident, its location and time. For those who want to provide more details, an email is sent giving a link to the BHS report an incident web page.”

Not only does the app allow riders to report incidents involving cars, the feature will cover reporting dog and cyclist incidents as they become worryingly prevalent.

Phillips continued;


“The BHS is keen to see how it can make it easier for riders to report incidents at the moment they occur. The more reports the BHS have, the more they can do  to make the world safer for horses and those who care for them.”

The Huufe app creators hope to develop the new function, adding a ‘heat map’, which will show riders where problems are continually occurring, whether that’s a troublesome dog or a road blockage.

The new feature is already receiving floods of positive feedback, being named a “great idea”, as well as “quick and easy”.

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Every incident that is reported on the app provides vital information to the BHS, regarding the extent of riding incidents in the UK. The BHS hope this function will further their road safety campaign. The new feature is set to deliver data in order to enable future prevention of problems, as well as area targeted approaches to make riding on the road safer.


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