Olympic Modern Pentathlon Coach and Rider Receive Disciplinary Action from UIPM

UIPM Modern Pentathlon Changes

Olympic Modern Pentathlon Coach and Rider Receive Disciplinary Action from UIPM

An olympic modern pentathlon coach and rider receive disciplinary action after shocking scenes witnessed at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

On Monday (6 Sept), the UIPM Disciplinary Panel announced it has completed its review of events from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Specifically focusing on the situation which occurred during the Women’s Modern Pentathlon Riding competition, the review has been long awaited.

At the Games, Germany’s modern pentathlon coach, Kim Raisner, punched her athlete’s horse, horse, Saint Boy. Attempting to help rider, Annika Schleu, to control the horse, Raisner actively encouraged her to do the same.

The UIPM panel found that Raisner had violated the competition rules (Rule 4.6.8) by striking the horse and encouraging her athlete to do the same. This resulted in automatic disqualification from the rest of the Tokyo Games.


However, the panel have now announced they have issued an official warning. Any repeat of her behaviour may result in the removal of her UIPM Coaches Certification Programme credentials and permission to coach at UIPM-sanctioned competitions. Further, the panel ordered Raisner to attend a coach education seminar at the appropriate level. The seminar must contain a Humane Treatment of Animals module and be complete prior to her participation in any competition.

Meanwhile, Schleu received no punishment for her actions. During competition at Tokyo, Schleu repeatedly kicked and whipped a visibly distressed horse.

However, equestrians around the world have expressed uproar to these light punishments. The UIPM recognised that the behaviour was “shocking” however Raisner’s actions at Tokyo “stand out as an anomaly”.

Considering the actions of Schleu, the panel concluded that there was “no animal welfare issues” although the situation was distressing to both horse and rider.

In a statement, the UIPM commented;

“The UIPM is committed to the humane treatment of animals and athletes alike and condemns any acts of cruelty and/or abuse to either. Inhumane treatment of animals in any form will not be tolerated, nor will cruelty, bullying or harassment against our athletes and coaches.”

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