New Programme Launches to Support Up and Coming Eventers

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New Programme Launches to Support Up and Coming Eventers

The Windrush Equestrian Foundation has launched a new initiative to support young riders in developing a successful career as a professional Eventer.

The Windrush Equestrian Foundation is a non-profit organisation, founded in memory of Christina Knudsen. The organisation believes in supporting young talent and ensuring Knudsen passion for the sport and helping others lives on.

On the launch of the new programme, Chairman of The Windrush Equestrian Foundation’s Board, Jane Chablan stated;

The world of Eventing is highly competitive, and cost can be a prohibitive factor. The Young Eventers Programme gives riders who are not already receiving funding, an exceptional opportunity to achieve their equestrian dreams as it offers bespoke training programmes and prepares them for life outside the eventing world.”

The recently developed programme has produced the opportunity for three “talented young riders”, from the age of 21-years-old, to be mentored by the Olympian, Rolex Grand Slam Champion and three-time Badminton Champion, Pippa Funnell, at no cost to themselves.


The programme will also provide the three lucky riders with a professional education in business and economics, communication, mental coaching and veterinary. The additional education will be supported by the Young Rider’s Academy in Switzerland and will ensure the participants have developed a range of appropriate skills to support their future Eventing career.

Funnel explained that she was “honoured” to take the mentoring position on the new programme. Funnel continued to explain her role and what it means to her;

“Helping to educate young event riders in all-round horsemanship is something I feel passionate about. Sharing all the knowledge I have acquired over 35 years in the sport, the focus will be on all elements of equestrianism including training and management, the selection and production of young horses and the development of individual programmes. My main priority throughout will be making riders understand the individuality of each horse and that the horse’s welfare is absolutely paramount.”

The final selection will be made by a panel of judges including Pippa Funnel, Sport Manager of the Young Rider’s Academy, Sven Holmberg, and the President of the Young Riders Academy and Director of the International Jumping Rider’s Club, Eleonora Ottaviani.

By the 26th October, the panel will have created a shortlist of six riders based on riding skill. The final six will then be whittled down to three, based on the success of their interview, where they will discuss their background, education, ambitions and demonstrate their ability to communicate.

Applications for this extraordinary opportunity are now open. Application forms can be found on The Windrush Equestrian Foundation website.


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