Natural Horse Supplements UK

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Natural Horse Supplements UK

Natural horse supplements in the UK can often be difficult to find, with many equine supplements pumped with alternative, artificial dupes for high quality, natural ingredients. When adding extras to our horse’s diet, feeding for health, well-being, and safety are our top priorities. So, is it time we switched to natural horse supplements available in the UK!

Natural Supplements For Horses – Should You Choose Them?

When we think of natural supplements for horses, our minds immediately jump to herbs! However, lots of supplements are composed of natural ingredients that you may have never considered to be ‘natural’.

We are talking about those ingredients that are already naturally present in your horse’s body, from minerals to amino acid compounds.

Supplementing with these naturally occurring substances is a great way to ensure your horse has sufficient circulating amounts to fuel their recovery and development. Whilst using additional supplements may alleviate problems, making sure baseline levels of nutrients are at their optimal is crucial for the maintenance of health and well-being, as well as reducing the risk of injury.


The addition of naturally occurring substances into a horse’s diet also ensure we are tackling problems at their root, ensuring we are not masking problems which will only become worse with time!

Finding Natural Equine Supplements

When on the look-out for natural equine supplements, check the label for vitamins. Vitamins are defined as organic substances, which are necessary for the correct nutrition of all living things.

Without vitamins, living species often fall into deficiencies, causing ill health and suffering. Only needed in tiny quantities, they act to support the everyday functions of the body.

Horses are most at risk of falling into deficiencies of water-soluble vitamins, as these are required every single day, unlike fat-soluble vitamins which can be stored for later use. Water-soluble vitamins include vitamins C and B vitamins, such as Biotin.

Other great, natural ingredients to keep your eyes peeled for are minerals and probiotics.

Fillers in Horse Supplements

When reading the ingredient list of natural supplements, you may notice some ingredients that may not offer benefits.

These ‘filler’ ingredients may include products such as limestone, alfalfa, rice flour, and/or glucose. All-natural, these products should be present in very low values in comparison to active ingredients in your horse’s supplement.

Often ‘fillers’ can be used for palatability, product stability, and ease of feeding. If in doubt about the use of filler in an equine supplement, you can find brands that do not use them. Alternatively, raise the question about the use of filler to the supplement company if you are unsure!

Equine Supplements,
Equine Supplements,

Key Ingredients for Natural Horse Products

We’ve rounded up some key ingredients for natural horse products that should be on your radar. From joint and digestive health to immunity, we have covered all bases on naturally occurring supplements you may want to include in your horse’s diet.

  • Glucosamine: For Joint Health

Glucosamine is commonly found in joint supplements for horses. This naturally occurring compound is essential for normal, healthy articular cartilage which covers the ends of bones to form part of joint capsules. Assisting function and repair, glucosamine helps to maintain a smooth surface for fluid joint movement.

  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae: For Digestion and Calming

Probiotics for horses have come into the spotlight recently, with yeast culture Saccharomyces cerevisiae reigning supreme. From producing antimicrobial compounds to fight bad bacteria in the gut to immune system stimulation, this naturally produced probiotic is great for a general health boost! As a top gut health equine supplement, research suggests the yeast can also increase digestibility and nutrient absorption too, helping to improve mood caused through nutrient deficiencies.

  • Calcium: For Calming and Bone Health

As we all know, calcium is one of the foundations of bone health. A natural mineral supplement, deficiencies can cause an increased risk of injury and issues in joints. However, calcium is also commonly used in calming supplements for horses. Assisting optimal neurotransmitter release, it helps to balance chemicals in the brain such as dopamine to keep your horse level-headed.

  •  Biotin: For Hoof, Coat, and Bone Health

Biotin for horses is a primary component in any hoof health supplement. As a B vitamin, it is needed every single day and can be found in the horse’s natural diet. However, research suggests that the addition of biotin to a horse’s diet works effectively as a hoof supplement. The addition of this B vitamin also helps with protein utilisation, therefore supporting everything from muscle development to coat and hoof condition.

  • Vitamin C: For Joint Health and Immunity

Vitamin C should definitely be on your radar, often included in only the top equine supplements. A naturally occurring antioxidant, it is water-soluble, meaning adequate doses of this vitamin are required every single day for optimal health. Tackling free radicals in the body, vitamin C help to fight damage and illness!

Recommended Natural Horse Supplement UK Brand: Pilot Equine

Pilot Freedom UK
Pilot Freedom UK

 Why Pilot for UK Horse Supplements?

  • Free UK Tracked Shipping
  • No junk or fillers
  • Supplements for both horse and rider

Our recommended natural horse supplement brand is Pilot Equine. Each product balancing a blend of safe herbs and natural compounds, their products focus on the three major pitfalls of horse performance; joint health, calmness, and hoof condition.

UFAS and BETA NOPS certified production assures only quality ingredients go forward to curate their results-backed formulas. Led by scientific research, the Pilot Equine’s supplements are there to ensure your horse is already ready to perform and develop in unison with you.

Knowing that horses require a holistic approach for health and performance optimisation, Pilot Equine also targets horse care practices. Offering a free guide alongside each supplement, the brand’s guides suggest tips and advice on optimal management complementing each supplement line and supporting your goals for both you and your horse.


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