New app, LIVERY Live, set to revolutionise yard management

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New app, LIVERY Live, set to revolutionise yard management

LIVERY Live, a new app for yard managers and horse owners, has launched to help streamline business practice, improve safety and offer customers a place to professionally interact with yard managers.

Brain child of SEIB Livery Yard of the Year 2020 winner, Adrienne Devonish, the app embraces the digital revolution by removing the need for paper diaries or the traditional yard whiteboards. Instead, LIVERY Live captures every owner request and individual equine requirements, stores emergency contacts, automates billing, and enhances communication between management, staff, and clients.

LIVERY Live puts professional yard management quite literally in the palm of your hand.

Said Adrienne Devonish,


 We use apps for other aspects of our daily lives, and it struck me that running and managing the yard would be much easier with an app. An injured horse or a member of staff calling in sick can interrupt the normal routine; the app makes this instantly easier to see and respond to.”

Offering many benefits, the app allows yard owners and managers to review individual horse care plans, monitor feed orders and deliveries, ensure additional service requests from owners are recorded and invoiced correctly, and enables management and staff to access emergency contact details 24/7. Horse owners can use the app to request services, personalise their horse’s profile, notify the yard of changes to care plans and check their billing at any point, allowing them to budget more effectively.

Due to the unpredictable nature of live animal environments, yards work better when people can communicate clearly, effectively and respond quickly. LIVERY Live gives users the information and connectivity they need to run a safe, successful, and professional yard. Data is updated in real-time to enable instant decision making. Task allocation, invoicing and ordering are streamlined, making yard management faster, easier, and more efficient.

Subscription models are affordable for businesses and individual horse owners. Starting from £2 per month per horse, following a 6-week free trial period. To download, and start streamlining your yard, visit the App Store, Google Play or

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