Couple Goals … Jesse and Georgie Campbell

Jesse and Georgie campbell interview Everything Horse

Couple Goals … Jesse and Georgie Campbell

Rider Interview by Abigail Dickinson

This month Everything Horse interviews eventing power couple Jesse and Georgie Campbell who were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule to talk about what it’s like to work together as husband and wife. From getting ready to compete at the Tokyo Olympics to juggling the business at home, we discuss how life compares from growing up with horses to working with them as a married couple.

Hello, and thank you both for taking the time to speak to Everything Horse! Firstly, can you tell our readers a bit more about your home set up?

Thank you for having us!

Our base is in Ramsbury, Wiltshire, where between us with have around 30 horses in work, from youngstock right the way through to our 5* horses. It is a fantastic base, and we have a brilliant team around us. 

Jesse and Georgie Campbell
Jesse and Georgie Campbell

You both enjoyed participating in the Pony Club at a young age, all be it on different sides of the world! How do you recall your time spent enjoying the young equestrian life?

Yes, we were both pony mad kids, and we were very lucky to have incredible family support, and still do. As a result, we were given wonderful opportunities to experience all aspects of equestrian life, and as you can see, we both majorly caught the bug. 

Jesse and Georgie Campbell
Jesse and Georgie Campbell

Georgie was a  high-level showing rider before her eventing career kicked off as a teenager and Jesse rode everything and anything that came his way in New Zealand.

Known for your amazing teamwork ethic, what has been the best thing to come out of working together? What have you learnt from each other?

It is invaluable having another pair of eyes, and we both are our biggest critics and supporters.

It really works when training at home to ping ideas off each other and working out what makes our horses tick, as every horse is so different. We can also now accommodate literally any type of horse, big or small!

Jesse enjoying a cuddle with one of the couple's dogs.
Jesse enjoying a cuddle with one of the couple’s dogs.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far as an eventing power couple?

We have been fairly lucky so far. We have an amazing team of owners, staff and supporters who we just couldn’t be without and make everything possible for us. It takes a serious amount of teamwork to keep the show on the road, and everyone is amazing at pulling together.

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Team Campbell
Team Campbell

Jesse, a special congratulations for competing in your debut Olympics for New Zealand! This summer was probably one of your biggest to date, with preparations for Tokyo and home events too! How did you balance Olympic and usual training?

Thank you, it was amazing to be at Tokyo and an experience I will never forget – it has made me even hungrier for future Championships.

To a certain extent, I tried to keep things as normal as possible at home – we have a business to run, and I can’t leave Georgie to pick up everything! But again, it comes down to having that crucial support.

My Olympic horse, Diachello was unbelievably well looked after by our head girl, Hannah Mclean, who was amazing throughout.

You both have close Olympic links being based with New Zealand Olympic Eventer, Sir Mark Todd, for a time. What are the best lessons you learnt from him?

Mark is the ultimate professional and idol of New Zealand eventing. Something that we both try and emulate is his super cool approach when on the big stage and being able to take the pressure so well.

Georgie Campbell
Georgie Campbell

What’s next for Team Campbell Eventing?

We are so lucky to have a mega exciting team of horses with lots of internationals lined up for the rest of this season, including Blenheim and then hopefully back onto the 5* stage in 2022.

Finally, can you each give us one top tip that all riders can take forward into their own training?

Jesse: ‘Take time to train and cement the basics as they are the foundations that will enable you to progress up the levels.’

Georgie: ‘All horses progress at different stages, always treat every horse as an individual – don’t compare.’ •

With thanks to Stride Management, and Jesse and Georgie Campbell

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