HOYS: Tremendous Trevor Champions’ Victory for Glain Watkin Jones

Glain Watkin-Jones and Trevor H rode a perfect round blessed with precision and speed to scoop the Pony Foxhunter Championship Final at the 2019 Horse of the Year Show this afternoon (5.10.2019).

The two-part, 1m25 class welcomed a variety of young up-and-coming talent from across the UK, each competing initially for a clear within the time allowed to make it to the jump off.

Held in the Andrew Bowens Ltd International Arena, a total of 10 combinations made it through the first round, with the class witnessing penalties from a number of well recognised names on the circuit. One of those riders was Eloise Squibb who rode her new partner, the grey Connemara, Rudgeway Maestro who she has enjoyed considerable success of late with.

There was also disappointment for Luli Loveridge, who had managed to qualify for the championship only two weeks after taking on her new ride. Luli, who was riding Steven Loveridge’s bay mare Latinka Tj Van Overis, took a wrong course over the first jump forcing elimination, however it was announced the horse’s reins had come apart on starting the course.

There were two young riders in particular with high hopes for the class. Daisy Williams, who had won the Newcomer Champion during Friday was hopeful for a second win riding Bermudez BDA and defending Champion Holly Cooper who would make history for being the only rider to win back to back should she succeed. Both were lucky enough to qualify for round two.

Last to go in the first round was Lila Bremner, who rode Tessa Bremner’s Lapislazuli. The striking dun Belgian Warmblood gelding rode a perfect clear for Lila, to round the number off to 10 making it through to the jump off.

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Second round

First out into the arena for the hotly contested jump off was Thomas Hooper, who rode a clear to stop the clock on 40.93. Although faultless, Thomas and Intention Eez’s round proved one that was easy to beat in the time stakes as the class continued.

Sister act, Anoushka Mauree riding Giblins and Tatiane Mauree, were second and third into the arena. Sadly for Anoushka and Giblins, it wasn’t to be as they knocked both fences in the combination down resulting in a refusal, however being ever the professional, the young rider took back the reins to finish showing a good recovery. Sister, Tatiane Mauree riding  Horseabout Zibu rode a quick clear to stop the clock on 37.32 to lead the way.

It was only four riders in when Glain Watkin-Jones and Trevor H rode their hoof perfect round at super lighting speed, to stop the clock on 34.43 seconds which left a clear question as to whether anyone could beat the time. And although a selection of the remaining pairings came close, with Izzy Goddard and Strawberry Rojo finishing in second, Glain managed to hold the lead to the end to steal the deal of a mighty first.

It was last to go Lila Bremner riding Lapislazuli who took third place.

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