Public still not listening as another horse dies

horse died from being fed too many apples
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Public still not listening as another horse dies

A healthy horse has died after eating too many apples as owner sends out plea to the general public to stop feeding animals who do not belong to them.

When Debbie Frost arrived to see her horse in Woodbridge, Suffolk, she was upset to find him sweating and in pain. She immediately called the vet and once assessed, Debbie was told her horse had suffered a serious bout of colic. Unfortunately, the attack was that severe the gut had twisted and he was put to sleep SuffolkLive reports.

The colic episode is believed to have been caused by the general public feeding him apples, despite the horse being kept on private land and prompts being left to not to feed the animals;

“They bring bags of apples and food to feed the animals, even bringing their children up there, and when I stop them to ask what they’re doing they shout abuse at me telling me it’s their right to feed my animals.

Mac was a 16.2hh former racehorse, who had been enjoying a more peaceful way of life since retiring from the track  and was often complimented when the pair were hacking out on the roads.


“He was a perfectly healthy, much loved horse, he was my life, this should not have happened,”

Said Debbie.

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It is now understood this isn’t the first time Debbie has asked the public to refrain from feeding animals. As a consequence an alpaca she owned lost it’s life after choking on a piece of bread.

Debbie doesn’t stand alone with her plea, as the industry including owners and professionals continue to send the same message ‘stop feeding our horses’.

Equine scientist Dr David Marlin has thrown his support behind the national Stop Feeding Our Horses campaign, designed to educate the public on the dangers of feeding equines without owners’ permission. A survey was ran where 2,745 responses concluded worrying figures as members of the public continue to visit, feed and pet horses not belonging to them.

Owners and those responsible for equines are being encouraged to continue sharing the message, as the fight continues to keep horses, and other livestock safe.

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