Horslyx Celebrate Pandemic Heroes

Horslyx Celebrate Pandemic Heroes

Horslyx Celebrate Pandemic Heroes

Another equine business that has been focused on busting lockdown blues is equine feed balancer brand, Horslyx. Whilst in lockdown, the team have been hard at work by celebrating those who are going above and beyond to help others.

As a gesture of goodwill, and to lift spirits, in May the Horslyx team took to social media to announce their plans to give back to those working hardest during the 2020 pandemic.Ā Social media followers were asked to nominate ‘Horslyx Heroes’ to recognise the hard work undertaken by friends, family, neighbours and anyone else they thought should be recognised for their efforts. The winner would not only receive some brilliant Horslyx goodies, but they also knew that someone cared enough to nominate them.

Nominations were posted publicly on the Horslyx Facebook page or submitted privately, and all the entries were then added into a draw for a ‘Horslyx Hero’ to be picked at random.




Two stories where nominees were celebrated as Horslyx Hero’s are:

Sylvia Maher
Hi Horslyx I would like to nominate my mum for being there for me during this difficult time we are all facing at the moment. I am autistic, and I have really been struggling with not being able to see my friends and my normal routine has changed, which has been very difficult for me to adapt to. My mum has been there for me every day and encourages me to do craft stuff, tidying up and generally keeping me going so I don’t fall. We all need our mums they are rocks, and my mum is a rock!!!! Many thanks for reading this. Sylvie Maher šŸ˜šŸ˜Š

Gemma Williamson
I am a livery at a yard in Scotland, East Lothian Livery. We are a professional full livery yard and are on full lockdown, meaning we have been unable to attend the yard for several months now to see our precious horses.

We are so lucky to have a wonderful team of staff looking after our horses and not only that, a dedicated trainer (also a livery at the yard), Jill Grant.

Jill has ensured that all 16 horses on the yard are receiving daily exercise since lockdown commenced and continues to do so without a fuss for as long as we need her sending us all regular updates and photos. This generosity and kindness demonstrates the amazing person Jill is, and we would love for her to be recognised and rewarded with an amazing Horslyx Hero surprise! Her horse Jazz is a massive fan and loves the respiratory lick!! šŸ˜‹

From all liveries at East Lothian Livery.

Horslyx Hero
Horslyx Hero

A little bit about Horslyx

Horslyx is a palatable, highly nutritious feed lick containing a balance of all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that modern-day grazing and forage are deficient.

The unique, highly digestible lick offers horses an ‘all-in-one-tub’ trickle feed supply, encouraging a natural feeding pattern which can also help to reduce boredom and stress. Suitable for all horses, ponies and donkeys including laminitis prone equines; those out at grass; stabled horses; youngstock; veterans; leisure horses; and performance animals.

Horslyx Balancers are now available in Original, Mint, Garlic, Mobility and Respiratory. Sizes from 650g up to 80kg.

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