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Are you considering building a career in the equestrian industry? Then you should know that you could pursue an equestrian degree in college. There are quite a few options to choose from in the UK and many of them have the facilities you need to learn, practice and perfect your skills. Horses are wonderful and gentle animals. Although many people are afraid of their size, they can offer you incredible health benefits and a rewarding career should you choose to work with them.

They are animals that need quite a lot of time to start trusting their owner or the people they work with. So, everyone working in the equestrian industry should have patience. There are horse training colleges that offer degrees, as well as equestrian college diplomas for anyone who wants to study equine-based programmes. There are also many equestrian degrees you can choose from. 

Below you will find more information about the types of equestrian degrees and the benefits of choosing this domain. 

Types of Equestrian College Degrees 

As mentioned above, there are many opportunities to build a career in this domain with help from an essay for sale service. Often, a degree will be offered through a university, yet delivered at a college due to the facilities available.


Equine Science

If you still do not know which topic to focus on, you could enrol in a general subject area, such as Equine Science. Equine Science will include a high level of horse care, alongside learning about nutrition, fitness, training and husbandry. This is the basic knowledge everyone working in the equine industry should have. To get into it, you will need an admission essay to be the best application. You can get the help of an admission essay writing service to help you craft a powerful admission essay that will get you a seat in the equine studies program. Writing an essay that stands out from the crowd can easily be done with the help of writing services. You may also need a relevant diploma in the same area, or similar. Experience in essay writing is a must-have here, as degrees include a higher level of academic capability.

Equine Therapy 

Equine Therapy can be studied if you are interested in the therapeutic practices on horses, including anatomy and physiology. It is one of the niches of the equestrian domain that is gaining more and more momentum. Not only does it offer the horse benefits, but the mental health benefits for those working closely with horses is now well documented.

Equine Specific Training 

Horses can be complex characters to understand and you need the patience to train them and earn their trust. However, there are many techniques and strategies you can apply to train horses. There are many types of degree courses that focus on training, including non-degree courses presented by the BHS which offer another form of qualification that helps you climb the ‘equine career ladder’. A college degree or other type, of course, will help you get both theoretical and practical experience. 

Not all would see the benefits of getting an equestrian college degree in the UK. But they are numerous. Getting closer to horses and spending time with them helps students a lot. It is about the equestrian therapy we were mentioning above that you benefit from during your study years. It is about spending time in nature and learning about horses, their needs, anatomy, and nutrition. Learning properly how to better train them, and how to manage their care is a key foundation for any person wanting a career with horses

Here are some of the colleges that offer equestrian degrees. 

Abingdon & Witney College 

At Abingdon & Witney College you have the opportunity to learn more about horse management but also get practical experience by studying an Equine Science BSc (Hons) course. There are training arenas, horse stables, internal and external boxes, and, of course, a jumping facility. You will learn more about this industry, but also about horses, the management of stables, and how to better take care of these amazing animals.

Derby College Group

This is another educational institution in the UK where you can advance your equestrian studies by studying a Foundation Degree in Equine Science, for example. Or why not even start them here? You will have the opportunity to learn more about equestrian business management while benefiting from an engaging learning experience. 

The British Racing School 

If you already know that you want to build a career in horse racing, then you should definitely start your courses at The British Racing School. They have courses on different levels so you can start from beginner and learn everything to the advanced and professional levels. 


Are you a horse lover and want to build a career in this industry? There are many opportunities you can benefit from including writepaper, depending on what niche you choose. You can manage a livery, be a horse racing participant, or conduct equine therapy sessions. Either way, you can get the knowledge and training you need by enrolling in an equestrian degree or diploma program.

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