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What is better than these gorgeous animals and the opportunity to win? But sports betting requires time, analytics, and training. Not everyone is ready for this, so more accessible options come to the rescue. The best one is online pokies, where you just spin the reels but get all the casino benefits. Let’s review the top slots on this topic for you to choose and saddle up in a few clicks. 

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Bookie Of Odds

Microgaming doesn’t disappoint and hold the plank with this 5×3 slot and a favorite storyline. All the standard symbols contribute to horse racing, showing horses, jockeys, and a presenter. In addition, you’ll get bonus wilds, scatters, and free spins. The first replaces standard icons to create winning combos, and the second activates the desired spins. The company also took care of REELBET, a respin possibility for an additional fee. 

The technical characteristics promise good luck with an RTP of 96.5%. However, high volatility slightly reduces the payout frequency, focusing on its size. Therefore, you can hit the jackpot. You can play on the phone and try the demo version first for some practice. Even if the rules seem simple, it is a must-have for beginners. A little exercise never hurt anyone. 


Black Horse

It’s a lesser-known provider with the same nice picture and bonus features. Here, we are moving away from the racing theme and focusing exclusively on horses, more like wild animals. The slot is as simple as possible, with 3 reels and 5 paylines, resembling the first land-based machines. What about bonuses? Each participant can randomly receive multipliers, and there are many of them. And if you are lucky, you will get up to 45 free spins. 

The return to player is 96.07%, which is slightly above average. The volatility stays average, creating an optimal balance between the frequency and size of payments. You are unlikely to win a jackpot but can expect stable winnings. 

Storm Rider

Genesis Gaming joined the party and created their version of the horse racing slot, inspired by The Petrel movie. You may not have heard of it, but the picture is lovely. However, it is not for those who prefer cartoon symbols. Everything happens on a 5-by-4 grid with 40 paylines. The RTP is 96%. As you can see, everyone on our list adheres to this indicator. 

There are also bonus features – up to 28 free spins. An additional round allows you to win up to x12,000 on your bet. The bet range varies from $0.40 to $40. Standard icons are horses, their riders, and cowboy hats. 

Tips for a Better Game

Slot machines are based on luck, and nothing guarantees a win; let’s not keep it a secret. However, some tactics give you an edge, so take advantage of them: 

horse themed slot machines

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  1. Learn the rules. Take the time to understand the meaning and value of the symbols. Also, test the mechanics in the demo. You may not like it and must look for other entertainment. 
  2. Control your bankroll. Ensure that there is a loss threshold as soon as you begin playing. Leave the game at that point and go for a rest. Therefore, it would be wise to come back the following day.
  3. Focus on your preferences. Why play something that you don’t want to play? However, no matter how much bonus and promised winnings one may have, the ultimate aim is always to have fun.
  4. Look at technical indicators. As we listed earlier, the key ones are RTP and volatility. Ensure that the betting range also suits your budget.

A few famous horse race areas you can enjoy and still find your way around quickly are listed above. Test and choose your favorites!


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