Horse Fatality At The World Equestrian Games

Horse Fatality at WEG
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Horse Fatality At The World Equestrian Games

The FEI has confirmed that a 20-year old horse competing in the Meydan-sponsored endurance event, at the World Equestrian Games (WEG), has been euthanised.

Jenny Champion’s ride, Barack Obama, was transported to the Endurance Treatment Clinic after completing the second loop of the 120km ride. The 20-year old Anglo-Arab was treated for kidney problems before being transferred to Tyron Equine Hospital, later that day.

Although passing a “comprehensive vet test prior to leaving NZ” and being in “good health” in the period leading up to the race, Champion decided to pull up and seek immediate veterinary assistance. It was then decided to transport the gelding for treatment at the Endurance Treatment Clinic.

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Consultations between Champion, owners of the horse and vets concluded that it was in Barack Obama’s best interest to be put to sleep.

A post-mortem will now be conducted, and samples will be taken from the horse, in accordance with FEI Veterinary Regulations.


Sarah Dalziell-Clout, Equestrain Sport NZ High Performance Director, spoke on behaldf of the devasted New Zealand team.

“Our thoughts are with Mark, Jenny, Shane and John, Kirstine and the entire endurance community in NZ who will be devastated by the news.”

Dalziell-Clout also added that the team thanks the on-site vets and the equine hospital for their “exceptional” care and advice.

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Barack Obama had previously competed in 16 FEI endurance events, since 2009, including six 160km rides. Champion and the gelding had been in partnership since 2014, winning 6 titles together.


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