Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Launches in Equestrian Sport

hidden disabilities sunflower logo featuring a horse and rider

British Dressage has introduced the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower initiative into equestrian sport, enabling riders with non-visible disabilities or conditions to voluntarily share their status.

Forming part of a worldwide campaign to increase awareness of hidden disabilities, those choosing to wear the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, are suggesting they may need more time to understand procedures or perhaps require a helping hand in day-to-day tasks that others may not. 

The Sunflower can be displayed in a number of different forms, depending on the preference of the user, including as a lanyard, lapel badge, face mask or ID card.  When in use during British Dressage affiliated competition or training activity, the Sunflower can be displayed via a competitor armband, which is now available from the BD shop. Displaying the Sunflower will help British Dressage offer better support to its members, officials and supporters involved in the sport. 

Jason Brautigam, British Dressage CEO, commented: “As a National Governing Body for dressage we are committed to improving accessibility to the sport, so we’re proud to make the next step in raising awareness and providing opportunities for those with hidden disabilities. Recognising the Sunflower will make dressage more inclusive for all, improving competition and training for those with a non-visible disability or condition.” 

Paul White, CEO, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, added: “We are delighted that British Dressage has adopted the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to provide support and confidence to its members and supporters with invisible disabilities. The sport offers so many health benefits, and taking this important step will empower Sunflower wearers to feel included, knowing that they will be offered help and support if required.” 

Further information about the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower can be found on the BD website

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