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A New Year!

December has come and gone and what a fabulous time of year it is.

I have been doing lots of hunting and shooting which are my favourite winter hobbies.

Harriet Upton - Hunting on Christmas Day
Harriet Upton – Hunting on Christmas Day

And all my horses are back and in work, I’ve been holding onto my neck strap permanently because they are feeling very fresh and are more airborne than usual.


I had a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of socialising, food and drink. I love Christmas because it gives me the time to catch up with family and friends before the busy eventing season starts.

Harriet Upton - Afternoon tea with my family
Harriet Upton – Afternoon tea with my family

What really made my Christmas was when I received a letter a few days before Christmas inviting Dramatic Effect (Boo) onto the World class programme this is where they provide training so the horse can reach its full potential which will hopefully be world class! I feel incredibly proud that she has got into the programme because I have produced her from scratch. She was bred by Fiona Bigwood to be a dressage horse but after a couple years they realised that she was incredible opinionated and maybe not cut out for the intensity of dressage. So they decided to put her in foal at 3 and then I started working for Fiona, Boo was four years old and Fiona asked me whether I would like to take her on and see whether she would event. After a few years of a lot of backward and forward steps (a lot more backward) she finally understood what she had to do and the penny dropped and she has been fantastic!

Looking forward to 2016 I have plans and aims in place for all the current horses, we will also be welcoming another owner and one more horse in the spring who I will also be producing from scratch hopefully to eventually event.

Happy new year everyone, may your 2016 be healthy, happy and everything you wish for.

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