Harriet Nuttall Lifts the Lid at Bolesworth

Harriet Nuttall & Silver Lift

New National Champion, Harriet Nuttall and Silver Lift survived a roll at the last fence to win the Equestrizone CSI2* final at a sun-baked Equitop Bolesworth Young Horse Championships.

A competition packed with drama and speed there was a good turnout ringside for the 1.30m class which had everything to keep them entertained.

Sara Lamymam of Equestrizone presents Harriet Nuttall with her award.
Sara Lamymam of Equestrizone presents Harriet Nuttall with her award.

The up-to-height track saw a gallop to the final fence, an upright with water tray which fell with ease.

Zach Beesley and VDL Groeo Alitta put in a great effort finishing in a time of 36.07 seconds but it was a battle royal between the ladies for the top placings.

Georgia Tame rode in the confident manner we are so accustomed to shaving every corner and surviving a rub at the last to cut three seconds off his time.

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Georgia’s lead was, however, short-lived with Louise Saywell and Feigtling, a favourite with the crowd saying she would be fast.

The bay, a long time stalwart to her team didn’t disappoint stretching to reach the parallel going into the double to take the lead in 32.17 seconds and eventual runner-up position.

With tension mounting, Annabel Shields and Wet Wet Wet showed why their partnership is so strong, literally sneaking over the final fence and showing their trust in each other, losing seconds for final third place.

But nothing’s over until speed merchant Harriet Nuttall enters the ring and with her ride of eight years, Silver Lift, her partner when winning the Hickstead Speed Derby earlier this year, they wasted no time in the air galloping to the water tray and stealing the top award in 32.05 seconds.

Bringing the curtain down on this fast paced class Harriet said:

We know each other inside out and have so much trust and confidence together. He doesn’t waste any time in the air which is really what wins classes when it comes to the jump-off or speed classes.”

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