Guide Made Easy: Choosing The Right Idiopan

Choosing The Right Idiopan

With its first invention in 2010, Idiopan has seized to be one of the first growing musical instruments since then. It is the first and the only steel tongue drum that can play hundreds of scales due to its magnetic tuning system. Since then, Idiopan came in different models, colors and sizes making it hard for people to select what is best for them. It is from these models that we will be able to find out which one fits your needs. But what do you expect out of it?

In the article below, we believe you will get the perfect idea of what Idiopan to buy.

The Bella

It is a portable, lightweight Idiopan that is six inches in diameter suitable for children and beginners. It is made up of six tongues, and currently, it’s tuned up to G major pentatonic that ranges from G4-G5. Since it is fitting for beginners, it is the best model that you can use for experimentation before you go for the high models. And by doing so, You will be able to play it much better in due time.

The Lunabell

It is an eight-inch model Idiopan made up of eight tongues. It’s tuned to a pentatonic of A major that ranges from E4- B5. Although it comprises of one bit more in range than its counterpart, the Bella, it is capable of maintaining its light weight and portable size. Also, it has crisp, high tones and the soprano voice thus making it a perfect device for soloing.

The Domina

It is an original model Idiopan that is twelve inches in the model. Its tones are well balanced, thus produces the sounds that an original Idiopan should sound. It also has eight tongues, but initially tuned up to a pentatonic of C major that ranges from G3- D5. If you are searching for Alto voice idiopan, then you have the Domina. It is due to its bigger tongues that makes the striking surface easier to play compared to the Bella and Lunabell. The difference comes in as they are not much portable like the small models, but still, it can be placed on the laps while playing or you can use a drum stand.

The Dominus

Currently, it is the biggest Idiopan in existence as its diameter is fourteen inches. It comprises of ten tongues that ranges from E3- D5 initially tuned to a pentatonic scale of G major. It’s designed to play bass tone not interfering with the higher range which is useful for in-depth playing. More so, it has universal capabilities as it provides more range, thus you will be able to enjoy and play your music melodically.

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The Dual Tone

It is a revolutionized Idiopan that is same in diameter with the Dominus, but has eight tongue sets doubled with the octave tongue which sums up to 16 languages. At first, its tuned to a pentatonic of E major that ranges from B2- F5. Also, it is the full sounding and most diverse Idiopan model since the tongues are of a double octave, it gives you a chance to play each individually which gives you more chance for rhythm selectivity.

After knowing the various features of each octave, there still exists a drum that can be used to test for the sound of your Idiopan. More so, if you want an Idiopan that best fits you, consider searching for the best drum. Drum maker Idiopan has a steel tongue drum that you can test the sound of right on their website to see if it matches what you are looking to add to your percussion instruments. You have to be sure of what you are purchasing to enable you improve your music.

Also, instruments color is of more concern ‘for everybody, but from the designers, the free powdered coated furnishes is of great interest. They major on the durability of the device, and so you are assured of long-lasting instruments. Moreover, there exists an added dimension to the tools as each of the models comes with alternatives for pickup installation. These are an advantage to the buyer as you will not have to spend more for the setup thus reducing the cost for purchasing more instruments.

From the descriptions above, you can have an outlook of what you want. Their models and pentatonic range vary from different types which is why you have to understand the voice being produced by each instrument. Idiopan might be the solution that you have always been searching for hence you can find more about them on the internet before you make your decision.

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