Greys Steal the Puissance Win at HOYS

Greys Steal the Puissance Win at HOYS

A total of 13 competitors and 14 horses came forward to tackle the big red wall for this evening’s Thistledown Puissance at HOYS.

With a strong field of British riders, hopes were high for a GBR win with favourites such as Guy Williams and Kimberly White in the line-up.

The first round didn’t go without casualties with Chelsea Skelton riding Millfield Baloney, being first to leave the competition.

Cheshire based Dominic Webb delivered two entries to this year’s Puissance. At only 24 the young rider, who studied at Reaseheath College in Nantwich, put on a fabulous show keeping the crowd entertained until his second horse, Cycloon W took home eight faults, knocking him out of the competition late on.

A rather unusual yet heart-warming story unfolded as the rounds of competition went on. HOYS first timer Hendrik-Jan Schuttert told of how his ride, the 2003 chestnut gelding Bangelo, had in fact up until recently been used as an 80cm riding school horse at his base in the Netherlands. With the crowd as astonished as the commentators, Schuttert went on to say they only discovered the horse’s talent for jumping when he cleared the gate from the field back at home.

Another notable accomplishment was that of the 18 year old chestnut mare Culmore Prospect, ridden in the class by Joss Williams. The quirky mare put rest to any doubt over her jumping days being numbered with an unbelievable performance of bravery, jumping her heart out for Williams before being taken out during the last round.

The last lady left standing, or in the ruining if you prefer was Kimberly White riding her own, Catapult. The compact dark bay mare certainly lived up to her name by making it to the penultimate round.

With the last three riders to go, crowd favourite Alfie Bradstock was first in with the grey gelding, H. D’or. Cantering to the wall with the arena in complete silence, Bradstock soared over the 7ft1 tall fence with ease to secure a first. With Joss Williams taking the wall out, it was Guy Williams who was the decider over whether it would be a joint first finish.

In true William’s style, the decorated equestrian proved skill and experience play a vital role in mastering the celebrated Puissance as he rode Mr Blue Sky UK, effortlessly over the wall to rise victorious alongside Bradstock.

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