Angelie Von Essen Steals a Last Minute Win in The Thistledown Stakes at HOYS

Angelie Von Essen Steals a Last Minute Win in The Thistledown Stakes at HOYS

The Thistledown Stakes International Showjumping class opened this afternoon’s performance at Horse of the Year Show.

28 horse and rider combinations including the morning class winner, Trevor Breen, entered the arena hopeful of a share in the £10,000 prize fund.

First out was Robert Smith riding chestnut gelding, El Calpone. A relatively new ride for Smith, the pair finished the 1m45 course with 24 faults.

Harry Charles, another rider on a new mount rode a beautiful test. Riding his father’s horse, Sieco, the pair unfortunately stopped the clock one second outside the time allowed, snatching the chance of inclusion in the seven fence jump-off.

For even the most experienced rider, the time proved challenging from the start with Trevor Breen and Franklin yet another combination to stop the clock over the time allowed.

Only eight riders scooped a place in the jump-off with Max Thirouin for France first to go. Riding a quick round, on board Jewel De Kwakenbeek, he left the arena with only one fence down.

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National Champion, Joe Clayton rode into an applauding arena hopeful to claim the top spot. A rare mistake resulting in a fall mid course, paid rest to his hopes. Luckily neither horse or rider were seriously hurt.

Peter Moloney from Ireland, riding Victoria got the competition back underway. Failing to ride without fault meant a clear round was still yet to be rode.

Helen Tredwell for Great Britain, riding Funnycan rode a brilliant clear to lead the way finishing on 39.12 seconds.

With a selection of top riders still to come the pressure was on for Tredwell to keep hold of the top spot. Julie Andrews and Ayrton IV kept everyone on the edge of their seats, eventually crossing the finish line 1.20 seconds faster.

Five time olympian Michael Whitaker and the stunning grey Balmy De La Lance were next to go. The silent crowd almost held their breath as the pair tackled each fence. Stopping the clock on 35.78, two seconds ahead of the current jump off leader, meant the well decorated showjumper took the lead.

Ireland’s Denis Lynch, riding Caruso beat the time again with another clear, but with only one rider to go, the question was whether he could hold on to the top spot.

Angelie Von Essen, from Sweden, riding Cochella was last in. The crowd silenced by the accuracy needed to beat the Irishman. The pair stopped the clock, even faster again on 33.90 to steal the well earned victory.

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