How to get yourself stuck in a non riding rut

How to get yourself stuck in a ‘non riding rut’

You may have been there, but then again you may be part of those lucky few who manage to give the ‘non riding rut’ a wide birth.

Here’s some points, for you not to follow….

1. Have twins or lots of children at a young age

2. Marry someone who has absolutely no interest in horses


3. Work yourself into the ground so you have no energy to groom, let alone ride

4. Watch in awe as everyone, and their next door neighbours cat, ride

5. Feel so sorry for yourself that even when someone does offer you a ride, you turn them down as you don’t want them to think your moaning, about not riding, was a hint to ride their horse

6. Put on two stone so you’d feel awful if you even sat on a horse, due to you thinking you’d potentially squash them

7. Do zero amount of exercise so you don’t feel fit enough to get on board

8. Buy a completely unsuitable horse, that needs a six-day a week riding schedule when you only have time to ride twice a week.

9. Continually tell yourself your not as good as you use to be so you’d just look like an awful rider

10. Do all of the above



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