France Gears Up for Equestrian Glory

Longines League of Nations. Image of a saddlepad with France and a rossette on it

France Gears Up for Equestrian Glory: A Look into Their Dominance and Aspirations in the Longines League of Nations™

With the inaugural season of the Longines League of Nations™ poised to kick off this month, the spotlight is firmly fixed on the 10 nations vying for equestrian supremacy. Today, our focus turns to France, a nation steeped in equestrian heritage and renowned for its formidable prowess in the sport.

France’s equestrian legacy is one of unparalleled excellence, boasting a rich history of producing some of the world’s finest horses and riders. With a staggering array of accolades under their belt, including multiple Olympic gold medals and FEI Jumping World Championships titles, the French team stands as a true powerhouse in the world of equestrian sport.

At the helm of this formidable team is Henk Nooren, a seasoned veteran with over five decades of experience. As the chef d’equipe, Nooren brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, having previously led not only the French team but also powerhouse nations like the Netherlands, Italy, and Switzerland to victory.

Fueling France’s drive for excellence is Sophie Dubourg, the trailblazing Technical Director of the French Equestrian Federation. As the first woman to hold this prestigious position, Dubourg has been instrumental in guiding French equestrian teams to podium finishes at major international events, including the Rio Olympic Games and the FEI Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Final.

Speaking about France’s participation in the Longines League of Nations™, Dubourg expressed pride in joining forces with the world’s elite equestrian nations, emphasizing the significance of representing their country at the highest level of the sport.

“The FEI Nations Cup™ has always had a very special meaning, and we are proud to participate amongst the best athletes and equestrian nations on the international circuit”

Sophie Dubourg

But France’s ambitions extend beyond the competition arena. With the Paris Olympic Games on the horizon, the nation sees the Longines League of Nations™ as a prime opportunity to showcase the beauty and excitement of equestrian events to a global audience. Through strategic promotion and engagement on various platforms, they aim to attract both new enthusiasts and seasoned fans alike, igniting a passion for the sport that will endure for generations to come.

Furthermore, France is committed to nurturing the next generation of equestrian talent. By leveraging the platform of the Longines League of Nations™, they seek to inspire and empower young riders to pursue their dreams, fostering a culture of excellence, sportsmanship, and camaraderie within the equestrian community.

As the anticipation builds and the first leg of the Longines League of Nations™ draws near, all eyes are on France. Will this be their year to shine? Follow the action on as the journey unfolds, and witness firsthand the thrills and triumphs of France’s quest for equestrian glory.

You can keep up to date with the Longines League of Nations on FEI TV.

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