Formahoof Set to Transform Hoof Care

Formahoof application example with farrier and horse

Formahoof, the innovative hoof support and protection, is being unveiled at exclusive live demo events across the UK. The breakthrough technology is set to transform the way vets, farriers and horse owners think about hoof care.

For centuries, there has been no game-changing alternative to traditional horseshoes and nails, until now. Using the kind of breakthrough technology, Formahoof has created a new breed of custom-fitted hoof care products. Safer to apply than metal shoes, and with none of the risks of nail damage, horse owners finally have the solution they’ve been waiting for.

What is Formahoof?

In collaboration with equine health professionals (vets), farriers, podiatrists, and elite equestrian athletes and sportsmen, leading Equine Podiatrist, Robert Stevenson, spent six years refining the Formahoof product range. Developed using innovative scanning and modern 3D printing technologies and a custom resin formula, the flexible, reusable moulds give horses durable support that mimics the natural function of the hoof, enabling it to heal and grow naturally.

Formahoof fitted to a hoof of a horse for treatment
Formahoof fitted to a hoof of a horse for treatment

How Formahoof transforms hoof treatment

Formahoof offers custom-fit protection tailored to the needs of each horse. It’s ideal for treating damaged hooves, aiding natural growth and recovery. Formahoof also provides immediate support for laminitis, white line disease and other ailments. Laminitis is the second biggest killer of horses in the world. And for the 67,500 horses suffering from laminitis every year in the UK alone, it can be life-changing and lifesaving.

Formahoof inventor and co-founder Robert Stevenson spoke about his vision for the future of hoof care, saying:

“We were faced with hoof care challenges that could not be treated with traditional techniques and materials.  With our unique skills set and innovative technology, there was no reason why we couldn’t find a better less invasive alternative for hoof management.  We spent many years extensively trialling and testing our products to provide durable hoof protection under a wide range of climates. Now that we are in a position to kickstart a hoof care revolution and truly transform the way we look after our horses – we want vets, farriers and horse owners across the UK to be a part of it.”

See game-changing hoof care innovation in action

Here, they can see first-hand how Formahoof is applied and removed; and learn more about its benefits for the health of horses, and for them, financially. They’ll be able to speak to the man behind the development, ask any questions they have, and find out how to become a fully accredited ‘Formahoof Applicator’.

Formahoof application example with farrier and horse
Formahoof application

Speaking about the events, Stevenson said: “We hope to see the UK’s equine industry joining us in pioneering a future free from unnecessary hoof pain and discomfort. The products may be new, but our passion for hoof care is the same. And together, I know we can make healthy hooves a happy reality for horses all over the UK.”

Infographic detailing how Formahoof can transform a hoof
An infographic detailing how Formahoof can transform a hoof

For more information, visit the website Formahoof website.

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