FormaHoof Launches Online Training Academy

FormaHoof Launches Online Training Academy

FormaHoof – the liquid-fit, reusable mould system that offers a highly effective and easy to apply solution to every hoof care challenge – has launched a new online training academy!

Created by FormaHoof’s team of equine experts, the FormaHoof Academy gives farriers, vets and equine practitioners all the theoretical knowledge and practical insights needed to use FormaHoof to help their clients’ horses overcome a multitude of hoof related issues; from laminitis and white line disease to thin soles, collapsed heels or conformation, developmental and poor performance issues.

FormaHoof CEO Alexander Papantoniou comments:

2020 was a difficult year for many industries around the world. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic made face to face contact impossible in many situations and for an emerging technology such as FormaHoof, the challenge arose to develop a methodology that would allow for the rapid upskill of new applicators across the globe, in a consistent and sustainable fashion. We needed a system that allowed applicators to be able to complete training on their own terms and in their own time, taking into account the busy schedule of vets and farriers and so we are delighted to launch the FormaHoof Academy.”

Alexander continues:


When we started the FormaHoof certified Applicator (FCA) program, we knew that combining it with the FormaHoof Academy certification would add an extra layer of security for owners purchasing a FormaHoof service, because they would have assurances that the applicator had completed a formal training that is properly assessed by experienced FormaHoof technical consultants.”

The FormaHoof Academy has been filmed in real time on actual customer horses, to ensure that the experience is as authentic as possible. Covering the basics of a FormaHoof application from start to finish (including trimming techniques), the Academy also discusses best practices for treatment of common hoof problems with FormaHoof.

Techniques for business development and customer acquisition are also addressed in the Academy program. Alexander comments:

we understand that convincing a customer to try something as new as FormaHoof is not always an easy task. Throughout the program we share our experience on how Applicators can leverage the reduction in overall treatment time and costs in a clear and concise way, so that horse owners understand exactly the benefits of the service they are purchasing.”

Access to the Academy is open to everyone with an interest in learning about the FormaHoof application process, but completion of the Academy assessment and full certification as a FCA requires submission and approval of proof of professional business. All applicants should have fundamental hoof care skills as the FormaHoof Academy is geared toward the transference of FormaHoof best practices and not general farriery techniques.

The fee for the FCA course is EUR 99 + VAT, which covers the costs of the core online training, the certification process and the assessment. The team of experts will continue to add modules to the e-learning environment in the future, many of which will be free of charge to Academy students. New specialist courses on topics such as White Line Disease and Foal Conformation abnormalities and treatments are also in development, to give graduates in-depth knowledge of these specialist areas and which will be available to purchase separately. The cost of purchasing a Starter Kit (or any initial quantity of moulds) is not included in the Academy fee. However, upon successful registration to the course, participants shall receive a discount code for their first purchase.

Go to for more information, to sign up for the Academy and join the global FormaHoof movement towards healthier hooves for happier, sounder horses! You can follow the latest FormaHoof news and developments on social media by following @FormaHoof on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

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