Flex on Stirrups

Flex On Stirrups are the latest in revolutionary high-tech tack. Designed to better support and protect the rider, the technology focuses primarily on the foot but also offers other benefits to the rest of the rider's body when in the saddle.

Here we take a look at how the Flex On Stirrups work, the different types and include a small selection we found available via Amazon and Naylors.

How Flex On Stirrups Work

The Flex On Stirrups act as a shock absorption mechanism, primarily for the foot. Elastomer springs under the tread act to minimize movement of the foot while in the stirrup by minimising shock. Ultimately, the stirrups help stabilize the rider in the saddle, and over time ease wear and tear on the rider’s joints.

Suitable for use when at home, hacking or out at competition the ultra-lightweight steel frame features an ergonomic shape for a better connection with the horse. The tread is inclined at an angle that has been designed to match the rider's natural heel position and features ultra-grip studs to help keep the rider’s foot in the correct place.

The stirrup leather attachment is offset, helping the stirrup fall to better contour the horse’s shape and rider’s position.

Balance and Pro-Balance

As the product has developed, so has the range, with many different types now available. Predominately, however, there seem to be two types of stirrup available; balance or the pro-balance model. The latter featuring a four-point foot support rather than two featured on the balance range. The pro-balance has been designed to better suit the professional rider, competing at a higher level due to the additional support and difference in compound material used to make the pro-balance (aerospace-grade aluminium).

The incline in tread available also seems to differ, with different treads available.

Sizes: Adult or Junior

Typically retailing anywhere from £119.00 upwards, expect to pay more for the pro-balance range.

Colours: Different colours available depending on choice in type of stirrup.

Here's a selection of stirrups we found on sale


flex on stirrups green composite inclined

Flex on Stirrups - Green Composite

Naylors £169.99


Flex On Aluminium Stirrups Mixed Gripp

Flex on Stirrups - Aluminium

Amazon £228.95


Junior Range Flex-On Green Composite Stirrups with Incline

Amazon £124.99