Cheval Liberte – A guide to finding your perfect stable!

Cheval Liberte - Internal Oak

Cheval Liberte – A guide to finding your perfect stable!

Are you looking to build your horse/s a new home? Or looking to renovate an old barn? Understanding the world of equine stabling can be a daunting venture! With so many options it’s tricky to know which one will offer your horse/s and you the perfect approach to stalling that fits perfectly into your day-to-day operations.

The first things to ask yourself is why you are looking to get stables and what do you want from them that you haven’t got now? We’re sharing tips on how to pick to create a comfortable and safe haven for your four-legged friends!

Reasons you may find to stable your horse/s

  • Protection from weather elements
  • Diet control
  • Convenience for you as an owner
  • Stall rest easily accommodated
  • To keep horse clean ready for competing
  • Pressure off pastures

When moving on to exploring stable options, keep these in mind!

Stable options

Internal Stables

Perfect for taking advantage of unused agricultural space, internal stables can easily and quickly be installed into existing sheds. An all year-round product internal stables can offer much needed shade in the summer and shelter from the elements in winter. A very cost-effective form of stabling; our fronts, partitions, windows and doors are perfect if you’ve got one horse or several!

Static/Mobile Shelters

Wanting to provide shelter for your horse but don’t have yard space? Take advantage of your pasture with a static or mobile shelter. Mobile Shelters are the perfect asset, you can move your horse freely to other fields and simple more the shelter with you, no need for planning permission! Static Shelters offering all-year round qualities but are particularly suited to hardy horses and ponies that require shade in the warmer months whilst still allowing quality ventilation with their open fronts.

American Barns

A livery or riding schools go to, American Barns are the ideal option for working yards. A favourite due to the convenience of having everything in one place, it is a safe and secure space, perfect for vile weather! Keep your horses in a comfortable and social area whilst offering easy stable management with the benefits of many extra conveniences as you like, such as tack rooms, feed storage, office and toilets.

Temporary Stables

A favourite amongst equine event organisers, Cheval Liberté offers temporary stabling (Starbox) for many of the United Kingdom’s biggest equestrian competitions!  Not just suitable in large quantities, Hyppic Temporary Stables are ideal when replacing, renovating or building new stables and need a comfortable, safe and convenient shelter for their horse/s. They can also be purchase as a economical permanent option.

Reasons to choose: –

Internal Stables

  • Utilise unused agricultural space
  • Highly practical assembly, installation and operation
  • Available in a range of materials and colours
  • Ranges to suit your horse’s height
  • Bespoke sizing to fit your area
  • Easy maintenance
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Exceptional strength and durability
  • Bespoke sizing available
  • All-year round use for your horse/s


Static Shelters

  • Value for money
  • Tanalised pine walls for longevity
  • Low maintenance
  • All year-round weather protection
  • Tanalised pine or galvanised steel reinforced frames
  • Corragated roofing


Mobile Shelter

  • Flexibility of location
  • Except from planning permission
  • Inexpensive option
  • Very robust
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Low maintenance
  • Find the perfect spot for your horse to relax!


American Barns

  • Very aesthetically pleasing
  • Bespoke design to suit operations
  • Large number of horses under one roof
  • Quality air ventilation, improved health
  • Sociable environment
  • Various add on features e.g. tack room
  • Choose from a range of internals to go inside and get all their benefits as well

Cheval Liberte - American Barn Build Progress

Temporary Stables

  • Various set up options e.g. in line
  • Galvanised steel framework for maximum durability
  • Doors pre-mounted in frames with hinges and spring bolts
  • Quick and easy assembly from ‘flat-pack’
  • Weighted for safety and securely accommodate horses but not effect the ease of handling
  • Affordable
  • Option for permanent use


Design features

So, hopefully you’re closer than ever to knowing which stable option is for you, but don’t stop there! Choosing your functionally and design features will be the difference in having a functional stable and having a functional stable that is a comfortable, relaxing and a safe space for your horse.


ü  Resistant to acids and salts

ü  Exceptionally low maintenance

ü  Fully washable

ü  Environmentally friendly – made from high grade recycled plastic and fully recyclable. Free of toxic chemicals and don’t have to be treated with environmentally harmful protectants

ü  Available in a range of colours – black, brown, green and grey

ü  Slow grown increases durability and strength of this timber

ü  Beautiful natural aesthetic

ü  Sourced sustainably from Eastern European forests

ü  Most financially viable option

ü  Treatment ensures longevity

ü  40mm thick panels



ü  Exquisite rich colour and appearance

ü  Superior strength

ü  Long lasting

ü  Luxurious

ü  40mm thick panels

ü  Resistant to rot, decay and pests

ü  Sourced sustainably from Eastern European forests


Windows, Shutters & Doors

Key for your horse’s health, quality ventilations and lighting can be provided through windows. It’s important that the windows are covered using a grill or mesh to ensure the horse can’t break the glass! Shutters are an excellent addition in warmer climates as they allow your horse to look out and get some fresh air. Stable doors provide secure and safe access and can be the perfect finishing touch to your stable!


  • Size

According to the British Horse Society 12ft by 12ft is the minimum recommended size to stable a horse in, smaller for ponies. The bigger the stable the better as it will encourage comfort and cleanliness.

  • Amenities

Positioning your stables in close proximity to existing water and electricity supplies is advised to make operational use as easy as possible. Think about where you’re going to clean your horse and equipment, options for automatic drinkers etc, lighting around the stables and external plug sockets for clipping your horse or for the farrier.

  • Stable Layout

Dependent on which stable option you go for, the layout options are far and wide! The best thing to do is to get a sketch together of your space including dimensions and discuss options with your stable provider!


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