FEI Endurance Temporary Committee Review Rules

Paula Muntala Sanchez (ESP), aged 21, riding 10-year old part-Arabian Echo Falls secured individual gold and also guided her team to gold at the 120km FEI European Endurance Championship for Young Riders and Juniors in Rio Frio, Portugal on 3 September. (FEI/Endurance in the World)

FEI Endurance Temporary Committee Reviews Rules

The FEI Endurance Temporary Committee have held their second meeting regarding the discipline’s rules, in light of feed-back from the Endurance community.

The Temporary Committee comprises of world-wide representatives and experts in the sport including, Dr Sarah Coombs (GBR), Tarek Taher (KSA), Pieter Wiersinga (NED),Dr Tim Parking (GBR), and Valerie Kanavy (USA). FEI Vice President Mark Samuel also attended the meeting, over-seeing discussion and providing communications between the committee and FEI Board.

The Committee was established late last year, assigned with the task of bringing the discipline back to its roots or Endurance riding, as oppose to racing.

Topics discussed in the meeting included, mandatory rest periods, number of entries, staggered starts, team members outside of water points, appointment and rotation of FEI Officials, and rule enforcement.

Reflecting on the meeting’s progression, Dr Sarah Coombs commented;

 “It was extremely productive and, with the combination of the hugely experienced individuals on the committee and the input from the community, I feel we have already made and will continue to make strides towards our goal of improving horse welfare in Endurance.”

Conclusions of the meeting suggested to trial a reduction in maximum heart rates and presentation times at Endurance events, between 1st February and 1st April 2019. Enforcing the requirement of heart rates of 64bpm for the first vet gate, 60bpm for subsequent vet-gates, and final inspection to be completed within 20 minutes, have been asked of organisers. Although, this proposal has been met with mixed reaction from national federations and organising committees.

However, previous concepts introduced by the Committee have been well received. In the Committee’s first meeting, discussion of a change in rules regarding injury severity and associated sanctions has already received Board approval. The change in rules is set to be implemented from 1st February 2019.

Another meeting is scheduled, to take place on 22nd February 2019, to further discuss the discipline’s shift back to its origins. The meeting will follow stakeholder consultations.

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