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Everything Horse Magazine February 2023

Welcome to February’s Everything Horse Magazine! It’s the second month with our new homepage layout (we’re hoping you’re enjoying it), and we’re excited for you to learn more about what’s featured in this month’s mag – ready? Dive right in!

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Editor’s Note

Psst …. we made it! If you’re anything like me, you’ll be relieved we’ve (finally) left January behind. Although there’s still some winter weather to come our way, the next few weeks normally go by pretty quickly.

February’s magazine focuses on respiratory health in horses. With longer periods stood in and poor ventilation, our horses’ environment can often compromise their health. Combine this with an increase of hay and copious amounts of bedding; it’s no wonder respiratory health can become an issue. Of course, all we want is to make our horses’ as happy and comfortable as possible, but sometimes there are contributing factors out of our control. With this in mind, we’ve three great reads on the topic below.

Another issue affecting our horses’ at this time of year can be thrush in the hooves. We’ve two articles to help you here; one explains more about the condition, and the other offers product recommendations for your consideration.


Now without wishing my life away (and yours, too), I hope you enjoy all of this month’s content, and I can’t wait to see you back here next month when we finally get to talk all about spring!

If you’d like to feature in the magazine, tell a story, or have a product receive the exposure it deserves, send our editor an email at editor@everythinghorseuk.co.uk.

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BEF EHV-1 update

Does My Horse Need A Respiratory Supplement?

An equine respiratory supplement could be the just answer you have been looking for to help your horse breathe easy ...
Respiratory Management In Horses

Respiratory Problems In Horses

Respiratory problems in horses can be very worrying for horse owners. After the initial disease/condition has been dealt with, symptoms ...
healthy diet for horses image of a horse

Signs Of Equine Respiratory Problems Owners Should Not Ignore

This article looks at signs of equine respiratory problems owners should not ignore. Respiratory problems are very common in horses ...

Tried and Tested

Toggi could not have sent a pair of wellington boots for review at a better time! Rain, hail, snow and ice all made an appearance while reviewing these boots. You can read our review and/or watch our YouTube video below. Either way, we hope you find it useful, especially if you’re desperately looking to replace yard boots, as we typically do at this time of year.

Thrush in Hooves

Thrush in horse hooves image of horses hooves

Thrush in horse hooves

Learn more about thrush in horse hooves in our article here. Hoof problems in horses can be a worry for ...

Winter and the Veteran

Veteran Horse Health During Winter

Veteran Health During the Winter

Veteran horse health during winter is a balancing act. For veteran horses or ponies, winter can be tough and presents owners ...

Revisited – The Horse Human Bond

The horse-human bond: Are we getting it right?

Do you ever sit and really think about the horse-human bond? Do you wonder how our world compares to theirs ...

Product Guides for February

products for thrush in hooves

Products to treat thrush in horse hooves

Looking for products to treat thrush in horse hooves in the UK? Then our product guide here will be able ...
Joint supplements for older horses will help aid movement. Image of horse cantering through a field

3 Joint Supplements For Older Horses

Joint supplements for older horses are a good way to maintain musculoskeletal health throughout work and retirement. Ensuring condition in ...
Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers image of white wooden heart with a red ribbon

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers

Valentine's Day gift ideas are notoriously hard to think about. Chances are, you'll want to treat your loved one to ...

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