A look at the Exeter Racecourse at Haldon Hill

Exeter Racecourse

The Exeter racecourse is one of the UK’s most attractive courses due to its location in the Haldon Hills. The racecourse has been an integral part of the city’s culture for centuries and is a well-liked location for all kinds of events.

The Jockey Club owns and manages this racecourse and going by its history, it stands 850 ft above sea level making it the highest racecourse in the United Kingdom. The racecourse, being just a two-mile oval track, got a third flat track added to it in 1850 to make it three miles long. The original course layout is replicated in a steeplechase route, which contains eleven obstacles, two of which are open ditches and one is a water jump.

Today, the Exeter racecourse offers a number of private meetings and corporate events in addition to its 17 jump racing events each year. Due to its prime location at the Haldon Hills, when the racecourse isn’t being used for horse racing, the Caravan and Motorhome Club uses it as a significant caravan and camping site.

The Exeter racecourse, due to its business growth and diversification, has been regarded as one of the most progressive racecourses on British soil. It is adept at entertaining both seasoned racegoers and families attending the races for the first time and has a warm and “local” character. The racecourse attracts locals for its yearly charity events, hospitality and food options (many are available year-round, even outside of race days), live music evenings, and different private events.


The main Horse Races and Events Held at Exeter Racecourse

At this racecourse, the main racing event is the Haldon Gold Cup which takes place annually in October or November. It’s a limited race that is accessible to horses four years of age and older. With twelve fences to be jumped, the horses run over two miles and one and a half furlongs.

In 2005, the Haldon Gold Cup was postponed due to the sudden death of one of its best, Best Mate, who had been pulled up by his jockey Paul Carberry. However, Best Mate isn’t buried under the course; this is an urban tale that has been told since the story went viral. The relevant laws at the time forbade it.

Racing Tickets at the Exeter Racecourse

Tickets for all of the meetings at Exeter Racecourse are consistently in high demand. It’s best to make reservations in advance so you can enjoy the day out at this racecourse and can plan ahead. You’ll find fantastic bargains, deals, and early birds to all the racecourse events throughout the year.

Once again, it is advisable to book reservations early and in advance because Exeter Racing is so well-liked that occasionally their tickets get sold out.

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Sitting at the top of Haldon Hill, it should come as no surprise that the course is hilly and best suited to powerful galloping types. The oval-shaped racecourse comes with a course on the outside and on the inner comes hurdles on. Despite its relatively short run-in, the finish is steeply uphill, therefore endurance over any distance is frequently needed.

Best Exeter Racecourse Online Betting Sites

Once you get to this racecourse, we recommend betting online and any of their trusted and secure betting apps. Betting online and via betting apps comes with huge bonuses and best odds and many of the likes of Bet on the Kentucky Derby offer a 100-200% sign-up bonus. Also, the ability to have your bets placed in a safer and quicker way is much more fun than having to queue at bet shops. 

Racecard and Exeter Racecourse Tips

Racecards at the racecourse are released every day before the races are scheduled to kick off. With this option, everyone can have a look at the full race cards in advance. By doing so, you will also get an idea of all running horses, their trainers, their current racing form and who the jockeys are.

Of course, the track also sells racecards that provide many of the same helpful details above. Particularly from significant horse racing events, which many spectators choose to keep as souvenirs.

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