EquiPacs: Hannah Sutch talks convenient supplements without bulk and sustainability initiatives


EquiPacs: Hannah Sutch talks convenient supplements without bulk and sustainability initiatives

Company Focus: EquiPacs, Sussex, UK

This month we welcome Hannah Sutch to talk about her sustainably led equine supplement company, EquiPacs.

Alongside optimising equine health, the company focuses on sustainability, ethics, affordability, and convenience, where equine nutritional expert, Hannah remains at the heart of production and development.

In this feature, Hannah talks about the benefits of using an individually crafted supplement that is designed to supply your horse with all they need, without the bulk, while championing eco-friendly production methods.


Does this sound like you? A confusing feed chart, multiple tubs of different supplements all running out at different times and enough plastic scoops to resurface your arena?

Equine nutrition, a seemingly overflowing part of the equestrian market with abundant choices, varieties, price ranges, brands, dos, and don’ts….it can be daunting to know where to start and a minefield when it comes to committing to a decision.

There are many views around the need to supplement your horse and in deciding to do so it is important to consider your horse’s access to natural forage variety, their concentrate feed intake, age, workload, and any injuries or known ailments. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing; the best for our equine partners and at EquiPacs we believe that enabling them to put their best hoof forward starts on the inside.

About EquiPacs

But what makes EquiPacs different? An EquiPac is an individual sachet of your horses’ daily supplements in one convenient, easy-to-use Pac.  When you make the change to EquiPacs, you’ll receive one simple box containing 28 kraft paper, daily serving sachets. Feed time becomes as simple as: tear, pour and feed. An EquiPac is as unique as your horse and building the perfect blend is easy. When you visit our website you can pick and choose from our ever-growing range of supplements and don’t sweat if things change, because your Pacs can too!

If you’re feeling a little spoilt for choice and aren’t quite sure where to get started, we also offer a range of PrePacs. These include our Everyday, Veteran, and Competition Pacs which have been put together to meet the needs of these targeted groups of horses and provide owners full peace of mind.



All EquiPacs are best experienced through our easy subscription service meaning you’ll never have to worry about running out again and your horses ‘Pacs’ will be delivered straight to the stable door! Of course, we ensure things stay flexible so should your horses’ requirements change, or you need to pause or cancel your subscription at any time this can all be done by contacting our team.

EquiPacs Subscription Service

The spark for EquiPacs came from looking after my own horse and after a lot of heartache, we have managed to bring to life the image I’ve had floating around my head for some time! EquiPacs is a family-run business in the heart of the Sussex countryside, and every Pac is handmade to order and always with your horse in mind.

At the very core of our company is a commitment to reduce waste, operate in a sustainable way, and be a wholeheartedly eco-friendly product choice for consumers amongst the equine supplement market. We take pride that no corners have been cut – we support local UK suppliers, take advantage of carbon-neutral shipping options, and every aspect of your order from the Pac to the shipping box, and even the shipping tape is 100% recyclable.

At EquiPacs we are all about feeding smart, feeding responsibly, and making a change. Our biggest asset is YOU and we thrive on the feedback of our customers to continue growing and developing products that you want to see and use for your horse. In our first year EquiPacs has built and surrounded itself with an inspiring following of likeminded, uplifting, and inspiring equestrians. As a small company we can offer something different, an incredibly personal experience and we pride ourselves on our 100% positive feedback from all our customers.

“once you Pac, you won’t go back”

We joke, but can confidently say that “once you Pac, you won’t go back”! Our team is always on hand to answer those 101 questions because we want to ensure that our customers are confident and feel supported to move forward and make decisions surrounding their horse’s well-being. We will help analyse your horses current feeding regime or help you choose which colour saddle pad to wear to the show next weekend, it really is an all-in service! Reach out to our team, we are ready and waiting to show you how EquiPacs can integrate into your current feeding schedule for the better and let’s work to “bring out the champion inside” your horse today!

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