Equinutritive: changing the game in equine supplements 

Equinutritive B-Complete Supplement

Equinutritive: changing the game in equine supplements 

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Here at Equinutritive horse care is at the forefront of everything we do, which is why we create 100% natural products which are straight from the ground, not the lab. Our products are developed by our founder and equine scientist, Alexandra Frazer. We use all-natural ingredients, backed by science, to create products that actually work.

Being kind is a core value here at Equinutritive and that also applies to the environment. We reduce the use of plastic where possible, so all our herbal supplements go into recyclable cardboard boxes rather than large plastic tubs. Inside the box, the plastic film is biodegradable and breaks down within 6 months. This is significantly faster than most hard plastics which can take up to 500 years to break down. By employing this method, we also reduce the need for an outer shipping box for the majority of our orders, ensuring a lower carbon footprint. 

Each supplement that we create is formulated based on each individual natural ingredient and their specific health benefits. The unique formulations that we create are what makes our products so special and why they work so well for our thousands of customers. 

No More Nerves

Our top-selling product is our No More Nerves horse calmer. It boasts a unique formulation that settles anxious, stressy horses, keeping them focused and calm whilst supporting good gut health. No more Nerves is magnesium free. Within the UK, it’s very rare for a horse to have a magnesium deficiency, and feeding a calmer with magnesium in it can have the opposite effect, increasing excitability.

Equinutritive No More Nerves
Equinutritive No More Nerves

No More Nerves is made up of a blend of vervain, lemon balm, chamomile, raspberry leaf, passionflower, marshmallow root and peppermint. Each ingredient was carefully selected based on its unique calming properties. No-one wants their horse to lose its personality or sparkle, so we’ve made sure our blend has no sedating side effects – another reason our customers love it! 

On a daily basis, we get the most amazing feedback and transformational stories about how No More Nerves has helped horses all across the country. We are rated excellent on both Trust Pilot and reviews.io. Here’s one of our most recent reviews left for No More Nerves:

“I am absolutely amazed by no more nerves, my 17.2 ex international show jumper is so chilled he has half a cup in each feed twice a day, he was a bit much for me as I’m a pensioner so not as young and brave as I used to be, but No nerves has given me the confidence because my horse is now so chilled, thank you so much for making me feel able to feel safe on my horse.”

Gut supplement, B-Complete

Last week, we also just launched our new, highly sought after gut supplement, B-Complete. Our customers had been regularly asking us for a gut supplement, but perfection takes time and we needed to make sure we had a product that was just that.

Equinutritive B-Complete Supplement
Equinutritive B-Complete Supplement

It’s made of 100% natural dried green bananas, perfect for horses prone to ulcers. Bananas are high in resistant starch, which is the good starch needed for your horse’s gut (and perfectly safe for horses with laminitis or other metabolic issues). We are the sole UK and Ireland distributor of this product and initial feedback has been exceptional. 

“Have seen dramatic improvement in one of our ulcer prone horses on this feed, so please I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Our products are sold solely online via our website. You can start your journey today at www.equinutritive.com 

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