Equine Spa Breaks in Devon

Equine spa Breaks Devon Equine Hydrotherapy Spa

Equine Spa Breaks in Devon

Equine Spa Breaks set to be a hit in 2021!

While 2020 wasn’t exactly the best year for holidays or spa breaks, 2021 is already gearing up to be a great getaway for horses! So why not treat your best friend to a few days of TLC while you explore the Devon countryside.

Devon Equine Hydrotherapy Spa opened its doors in January 2020 and many sports and leisure horses have experienced the therapeutic benefits of the hydrotherapy treatments available.

Situated in a beautiful private nature reserve amidst the rolling Devon hills, the centre is easy to access being nine miles from Exeter. The centre is purpose built and dedicated to providing the best facilities, treatment and care for all horses. Be it for rehabilitation or to increase performance, the use of hydrotherapy is well documented and proven.


The centre is offering Equine Spa Breaks for 2021 that are individually designed for each horse depending on the requirements. Perhaps you would like your horse to increase fitness for the forthcoming eventing season on the water treadmill or you have an old friend that would benefit from some salt water spa treatments to relieve arthritis.

Each spa programme is carefully worked out to accommodate the health, fitness and abilities of each horse. Exercise can be a hand hack through the beautiful nature reserve or turnout in small individual fields. Stables are as luxurious as you would expect from any 5* equine hotel lined with rubber and deep non-dusty beds.

Owners can be part of the spa experience and take advantage of working with the professional, award winning, Performance Coach should they need a bit of positive support in their own equestrian journey.

If you want to plan a break with your horse next year why not give them the opportunity for some R&R with the team of professional therapists ansd amazing facilities at the Devon Equine Hydrotherapy Spa.

Devon Equine Hydrotherapy Spa breaks start at £250 for a three night stay, including feed/stabling, spa and treadmill treatments, solarium, Equissage, Horse walker, turnout, hacking and exercise.


For more information visist www.devonequinehydrotherapyspa.co.uk or call 01363 772088

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