Adorable Unicorn Toys on Sale to Support 2021 Paralympic Bid!

Winnie the Unicorn Large

Di Green, a Tokyo Paralympic dressage hopeful and member of the World Class Podium Potential Programme, has unveiled her fundraising campaign for 2021 and it’s safe to say it’s utterly adorable!

Introducing Winnie the Unicorn!, a soft and cuddly mascot unicorn being sold to help fund Di’s Tokyo 2021 campaign. It costs around £40,000 to campaign two horses for the year, plus 25% of the profits will go to Di’s recently launched Para Equestrian Foundation.

The Winnie the Unicorn range includes cuddly toys, a rucksack, a pyjama case and a supporter’s club. The unicorn toys are inspired by Di’s beloved Gunstone’s Pride (stable name Winnie). She might look like a sensible para dressage horse, but she’s actually a banana-eating undercover unicorn…

Winnie is the miracle horse who has partnered Di on her journey to establish herself as an international para dressage rider after a long break from riding after a head injury. Together, Di and Winnie have won National Para Dressage Championship titles and been Reserve Champions at International events. In 2019 Di was selected onto the World Class Podium Potential Programme and is aiming for the next Paralympic Games. Sadly, an injury sidelined Winnie for 2020 and Di’s other ride Lexi has taken her place for the preparations for Tokyo 2021.

Winnie, Di Green’s Para-Dressage Horse

By purchasing a Winnie toy or membership of the Winnie Club, supporters will help Di fund her Tokyo campaign. Di estimates it will cost £40,000 to campaign two horses in 2021. This high cost to train and compete as a para rider is why Di set up the Para Equestrian Foundation in 2020, more detail here.

Here are more details of the adorable cuddly toys which are available to purchase and help support Di’s campaign:

Mini Winnie the Unicorn £6.50

This small but perfectly formed Mini Winnie is 13cm tall (clever pony fans can work out what that is in hands and inches…!) with a plush white fur, a pink woolly mane and tail and sparkly silver hooves and horn. Mini Winnie is totally machine washable and is suitable for all ages!

Winnine the Unicorn Small
Winnie the Unicorn Small

Winnie the Unicorn £14.50 – large 25cm

The leading lady herself, Winnie is 25cm tall and has the softest plush white coat, perfect for snuggles! Her bright pink woolly mane and tail and sparkly silver hooves and horn will be the envy of all. We all want a unicorn and now, you can have one and support a good cause! Winnie is machine washable and can be tumble dried too, so she always looks fabulous.

Winnie the Unicorn Large
Winnie the Unicorn Large

Winnie the Unicorn Bag £14.95

The perfect Winnie for someone who’s always on the go! The Winnie bag has the same plush fur, sparkly horn, and hooves but with straps too. That means that she can carry your treasured possessions wherever you go!

Winnie the Unicorn Bag
Winnie the Unicorn Bag

Winnie the Unicorn Pyjama and Hot Water Bottle Case £14.95

This plush pj and hot water bottle case is the perfect addition to the nighttime routine of any unicorn lover! Winnie is crafted from the same plush white fur and sparkly hooves as the rest of the collection, but there’s more… She has a perfect-sized pouch for a hot water bottle and a pair of PJs. Perfect for keeping you company on chilly winter nights. Shop the PJ and hot water bottle case here.

Winnie the Unicorn Hot Water Bottle and PJ Case
Winnie the Unicorn Hot Water Bottle and PJ Case

Membership of the Winnie The Unicorn Club (£29.99 for 12 months)

The Winnie Club is an amazing way to support Di’s Paralympic Campaign! Members receive a soft and cuddly Mini Winnie Plush Toy and a monthly newsletter about Winnie herself. There’s also access to a private Facebook group for everyone who is a member of #teamunicorn. And there’s more! Winnie Club members are entered into a quarterly draw where they could win the chance to attend a Team GB training session or an exclusive visit to Di’s yard. How fantastic is that?

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