Equine Apprenticeships Gather Momentum as iPet Network Join as End Point Assessment

Fern and Sarah from iPet

Equine Apprenticeships Gather Momentum as iPet Network Join as End Point Assessment

Support for Equine apprenticeships continues to gain momentum as iPet Network gains approval as an End Point Assessment Organisation.

Already approved for apprenticeships standards in Animal Care, Welfare and Dog Grooming, iPET Network has now added Equine Groom and Senior Equine Groom to their portfolio, alongside awaiting approval for the Keeper and Aquarist standard.

This development marks a massive step for the emerging Awarding Organisation, which this year was granted an expansion of scope by Ofqual to offer qualifications across the whole Animal and Veterinary Science Sector.

Becoming an End Point Assessment Organisation, regulated by Ofqual for the Equine Groom and Senior Equine Groom marks iPET Network’s move into the wider Animal Care and Veterinary Science Sector, following the success of the businesses’ award-winning canine and feline qualifications.


Sarah Mackay and Fern Gresty, co-founders of iPET Network, said:

We are thrilled to become an End Point Assessment Organisation for these equine apprenticeship standards.”

As an organisation, the iPET Network’s core priorities have always been to enhance our animal care industries with high quality training and qualifications, drive up standards and ensure that animal welfare is at the heart of all we do.

We are thrilled to be expanding these principles to the equine field too.”

Fern and Sarah from iPet
Fern and Sarah from iPet

The Equine Groom is a fundamental occupational role in all equine businesses and is vital to an industry that contributes over £8bn to the British economy each year.

Grooms are an integral part of equine businesses, ensuring the equine welfare is maintained to a high standard.

They are involved with feeding, grooming, cleaning equipment, handling, preparing, exercising the horses and carrying out routine yard duties.

The Senior Equine Groom will provide for and coordinate the day-to-day care of the horses and have all the necessary skills to implement effective systems relating to the running of the yard.

iPET Network have developed assessment tools to ensure continuing robustness (independence, consistency and accuracy), and will be working with employers in the equine industry.

Sarah and Fern added:

iPET Network is so proud to be contributing our skills to an industry so steeped in tradition and helping to ensure that the Grooms of the future have top quality skills and training.”

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